10 must-have tools for every DIY handyman

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Every DIY handyman will need a versatile toolbox to conquer different jobs. From hammers to angle grinders, there are all sorts of essentials that will come in handy. Below, we explore 10 of the must-have tools that every DIY handyman should invest in.


For a start, you’ll need a hammer. This is used to fasten different materials by nailing them together. Often, your hammer will also have a claw on the back to remove nails.


You’ll also need to have a set of screwdrivers in your toolbox. After you’ve drilled a hole, a screwdriver can help fasten items in place by securing screws into the aperture.

Cordless drill

A cordless drill can make any project quicker and easier. An electric drill can quickly create holes in most surfaces, allowing you to efficiently screw items together. Just remember to be safe and take the necessary precautions while using powerful equipment.

Cordless angle grinder

This tool is another essential choice for a DIY handyman. It’s versatile and has many applications: it can be used to remove rust from metal, cutting and polishing. If you’re working with metal, then you should purchase a cordless angle grinder to add to your toolbox.

Tape measure

A tape measure is crucial for measuring short distances. This handy tool can allow you to effortlessly measure straight lines inside a house.

Spirit level

To work accurately and precisely, you’ll need a spirit level. This tool can help determine whether you’re working on a flat surface and highlight where any imbalances might be.


Pliers can help you cut through and reshape wires. These are incredibly useful tools that you’ll be working on within most projects – getting a few different sizes can be handy.


If you’re going to be using plenty of nails during your DIY project, then a nailer is crucial. This tool can efficiently secure nails in place without you having to exert nearly as much time and effort as you would with a hammer.


When you’re working with sharp and powerful tools, it’s easy to make a mistake and damage your workspace. As such, it’s best to use a durable workbench rather than damaging a family table.


A saw is an essential tool for every DIY handyman. Whether you’re working with wood or metal, a well-maintained saw is essential for cutting material into the right size for your job.

When you’re starting as a DIY handyman, the choice and range of tools can be overwhelming. But by purchasing the essentials above, you can give yourself a solid base to work from before purchasing specialist equipment later on for your business.


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