3 US States Where the Legal Gambling Age Is Higher

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One of the more common questions that you see from people who are interested in beginning to gamble is whether they are old enough to do so. Like all over the world, the different ages where you can legally gamble in the US varies depending on where you are. Some states have a relatively low legal gambling age, whereas you have other states where the gambling age is high. Some of these are going to be discussed in more detail below.

Is the Age the Same in Every State?

Throughout the US, our laws are divided into federal and state. Federal laws apply everywhere, whereas state laws are different as they are determined by the governing bodies in the states themselves. The laws surrounding gambling are all determined on a state level, meaning laws about whether certain forms of online gambling are legal as well as legislation covering the legal gambling age are all determined by representatives of the state. As such, these vary depending on the state that you are in. Some of the states that have a high gambling age include the below:


Starting with the very first state in alphabetical order, Alabama has reasonably high gambling ages when it comes to playing in casinos and poker rooms as citizens need to be 21 to partake. If playing Bingo or betting on sports, such as dog and horseracing, then people only need to be 18. Some of the best casinos that people who are of age visit in Alabama include Wind Creek Wetumpka, Wind Creek Atmore, and Wind Creek Montgomery.


There is plenty to do in Pennsylvania, such as visiting the Liberty Bell and trying some of the amazing food that is available. There is also an excellent range of different casinos available. However, if you are interested in attending, then you are going to need to be 21 years old. This applies to playing in poker rooms as well. As soon as you are old enough then you are not short of options in Pennsylvania, as there are several different casinos but then you also have plenty of online options to take advantage of too. Pennsylvania legal online casinos are easy to come across, so have a look at the different options and choose those which look most appealing.


Like the above, anybody who wants to be able to take part in gambling in Texas must be 21 or older. This also applies to poker rooms and even to bingo, which is a surprise given those games usually have a lower age limit attached to them.


The gambling age limit is decided on a state level, meaning that if you are hoping to partake, whether this is online or in a physical casino, you need to check what the gambling age limit is for your state. These vary, but those listed above have particularly high age limits attached to them, so do some research to avoid disappointment.

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