5 Things to Mind When You’re Searching for the Best Flashlight

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Going hiking in the mountains, camping under the open sky, looking for something in the garage, or running through the park at night – all these activities mean you need a great flashlight in your hands.

Darkness is not your friend, and you always need to have a torch to illuminate the surroundings and see what’s happening. Animals are natural-born predators, and their vision is often thousands of times better than ours, but we have the technology to protect ourselves.

Choosing the best flashlight should be imperative for everyone doing anything in the dark. If you’re walking around in the dark, this is an essential item for you. There are tons of different flashlights on the market, and most of them are useless.

Finding the best one for you takes a lot of research, knowledge, and dedication. In this article, we’re sharing five crucial points to know for the moment you decide to go shopping for the best flashlight. Read on and see what you must know.

1. Make sure it’s LED light

LED flashlights are better than any other kind. They last longer and will less drain the battery. These are the perfect solution for your needs, so make sure you find one that will feature LED lights.

Although most items today are not made of traditional incandescent light bulbs, you still need to be aware of the fact that they might exist, and someone offers them on the market. If they are, they will have way lower prices, which instantly draws shoppers’ attention. Don’t fall for this trick, and always choose a LED light because its features are the best.

2. Look for more lumens

This goes without saying – the more lumens, the more light you get. Look at the description and find the flashlight that features a lot of lumens and is made to enlighten the area easily with just one click on the buttons. More lumens mean you’ll cover a wider area, and the light will reach further.

Some of the best lights are made for the police. Luckily for us, it’s not illegal to have what these guys carry in their pockets. You should look on the internet and buy police flashlights online. These flashlights are made to perfection, and depending on what you’re looking for, they might be an ideal option.

3. Find the battery type you prefer and make sure it lasts longer

Some hold AA or AAA batteries, and some are recharged through a charger. There’s no good or bad choice, only what you prefer more. Both have their pros and cons, though.

AA batteries are heavier but can be easily removed and changed with fresh ones, while rechargeable batteries will be more lightweight, but once the battery dies, there’s nothing much you can do about it. You’ll need to go back to a place that has a charger to keep the light going again. This may be inconvenient for those hiking in the wilderness who need a steady light for days.

4. Choose a durable material

Cheap plastic is the one to avoid by all means. If you drop it on the go and the flashlight falls on the ground, it will easily be destroyed. What you want out of your torch is a much more durable material. Think about aluminum or titanium – these are the two best materials.

Titanium is a bit more expensive, but you can be sure that it will last forever. Aluminum is also an affordable material and is more affordable, so make sure you find a combination of glass, plastic, and a body that is mainly made of aluminum. That’s the perfect combination you need.

5. Go for more features

The most affordable items on the market will only have one button that turns the flashlight on and off. Don’t be cheap and get yourself something more valuable. One highly recommendable feature is water resistance. If it falls in the water or gets hit by rain, you want it to keep going, and when you’re in nature, these things happen often.

You’ll also want it to have more flashing options. For example, an option for showing the SOS light with morse code is a great feature. Some of them can provide more power, and some will even have a GPS connection to them. Search for what you need, and make a great choice.


If you’re searching for a flashlight, these points from above should be helpful. Read and mind them when you’re browsing through the products in some of the many webshops that sell flashlights. Read the description, check out some reviews, and see which one will be the best fit. Finally, remember that a great flashlight may literally save your life in nature.

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