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6 Coolest Emojis That You Can Send to Your Friends

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Whether you’re talking to a friend or family member, using emojis is fun and helpful! Conversations tend to be serious and boring without this little pictograph. So to make it more enjoyable, emojis were created. Emojis are not only used for text messages; you can also use this in sending emails or when you want to post something on social media platforms.

These days, emojis such as the ice face emoji are considered to be a culture all of its own. While emojis are mostly popular in communicating platforms, they are now used in games, apps, media platforms, and books because of how popular they’ve become. Additionally, in other countries, clothing brands have created shirts and tees featuring emojis. To know about the top 6 coolest emojis, read on below!

1) The Phone Emoji 

A cell phone is used to text, browse social networking sites, or take selfies and pictures. The phone emoji is a gray or black smartphone with a standard blue monitor screen or brightly colored application icons. Popularly used for different cell devices, technologies, and communication or messaging content.

There are many ways and functions to use phone emojis. Also, depending on what platform you are using, the phone emoji display changes. For example, Samsung, Apple, Google, and Microsoft versions are identical to phones sold by their respective firms, such as iPhones. In the style of WhatsApp, it features a night sky as its theme.

2) The Red Heart Emoji 

The red heart emoji is ideal for choosing any time you would like to express unconditional love and sweetness to your spouse. This can also be used whenever you want to send a sweet text to someone close to you. Apart from this, you can also use the emoji whenever you post something close to your heart or make you happy.

When you want to create a love note or message for your lover, we recommend using this emoji since it’s an excellent way to show sincerity. Unquestionably, this would make them feel special because a red heart has been a sign of love. In any communication network, this emoji is available.

3) The Smiling Face Emoji with Sunglasses 

This emoji shows a yellow-colored face with a big, sealed smile, sporting black sunglasses, like a classic pair of Wayfarers. The slang or informal concept of cool is also used to express it. A positive, free-spirited attitude can also be conveyed, or something is outstanding or fantastic.

The smiling face emoji with sunglasses is often utilized to portray something or someone chill, calm, carefree, or easy-going, often with a sarcastic accent. Different people have used it to display agreement or support and to speak up for the thoughts of OK or amazing. Also, it can mean that it’s a sunny day out, and it is hot enough to wear shades.

4) The Money Bag Emoji 

This emoji shows a brown or somehow orange-colored-looking bag that is round and has a dollar sign imprinted on the surface. It seems to be a bag of money or coins and is used in many types of communication. The icon’s display changes depending on what kind of mobile phone or platform you’re using.

This money bag emoji has been approved and part of the Unicode 6.0 was launched in 2010. We often used this emoji to convey messages about various content regarding money or finances. If you want to show that you are rich or you have a lot of cash, then this emoji is perfect to use. Also, it can represent getting of funds and pay-day or pay-out

5) The 3 Sparkles Emoji 

This emoji shows a burst of shiny gold glitter. It typically displays three diamond-looking yellow stars, with one large spark and two sparks, smaller to the right or left side. It is frequently utilized to denote various good feelings, such as intimacy, pleasure, elegance, gratitude, and enthusiasm. It can show talent or neatness, too.

6) The Clinking Mugs of Beer Emoji 

This emoji shows two golden-colored beers with foam in a frosty-looking mug clinking each other. A frothy head pouring over the edge can also be seen. The beer mug emoji is used to communicate, especially when drinking or having a good time. Many teenagers use this emoji when talking to buddies or asking someone to have a night drinking out.


Emojis have given a big change in our day-to-day lives. It is a great way to express yourself, especially when we can’t seem to put in words how we feel. There are various kinds of emojis to choose from, and it just gets better every year since they are developing new ones. If you want to improve your conversations, don’t forget to review this guide of the six coolest emojis. We hope this article helps you in making use of emojis. Try them out to make your conversations more fun and engaging!


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