7 Green and Clean Activities for the Virgo Full Moon

1. Avoid becoming preoccupied with analysis.

Progress is thwarted by procrastination! But behind it all, there’s always a real emotional experience going on. You can cut through the curtain with the aid of Virgo’s analytical skills. If there is anything in your life that you have been putting off writing down, Virgo likes lists. What’s actually happening there? You might not be enthusiastic about it, not know where to begin, or require assistance, to name a few possibilities. Check each item off the list individually to see what emerges. Then list the ONE item that prevents you from progressing, and decide who or what you could turn to for assistance. Make time on your own calendar to call or email that individual afterward (or heck, just pick up the phone now). Get things moving again!

2. Make your stomach glow.

Virgo zodiac sign is the sign that governs the lower stomach and digestive tract; each sign is related to a specific body area. Consider this: Increasing your digestive fire can improve your sleep, prevent sickness, and assist your body in utilizing food as the fuel it was meant to be. Because of our busy lifestyles, many of us inhale our food rather than chew it thoroughly before swallowing it. Use those incisors and molars; they have a purpose. Try chewing each bite 20 times before swallowing it this week. The length of your lunch breaks might increase, but hey, it’s an extra opportunity for meditation that will increase your productivity once you get back to your desk.

Another method to aid digestion? Laying on your left side helps to self-massage and compress the C-shaped belly. The more experienced ritualists among us might even attempt going raw or doing a juice fast this weekend (or a soup cleanse, if the weather is still cold in your area). The Virgo full moon enjoys all things wholesome and natural.

3. Organize, streamline, and simplify your processes.

Virgo is a master of efficiency and values systems, structures, and a feeling of order. Where must we get our lives in order? Be prepared to receive a massive dose of motivation with the Virgo full moon. It involves more than just stashing things away in junk drawers; it involves decluttering, simplification, and getting rid of excess. The Virgin is a pure, straightforward, and lovely sign. What a wonderful chance we have this weekend to reduce our carbon footprints. The de-junking strategy can be used in bodily care as well. The Virgo full moon encourages us to create a motivating food and exercise programme and puts a spotlight on healthy living.

4. Rather than with a task, start your to-do lists with a dream.

Capricorns believe that “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the full staircase,” stated Martin Luther King Jr., a Capricorn. As long as you know where those unseen stairs are leading, that is a lovely sentiment. The analytical Virgo full moon this year coincides with the ethereal Pisces season, which awakens our subconscious and spiritual selves. What a contrast of opposites! Combine your right and left brains; logic and creativity.Lists may seem boring to most people, but when you’re grounded in a bigger picture, they’re just the route that will lead you to your final goal. You can set intentions based on how you want to FEEL at your best state, using books and tools like Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map to help you develop goals with soul. When you are in that visionary state, laying the groundwork feels easy and even exhilarating because you are aware that the universe is actually on your side.

5. Examine the product’s labeling.

Virgo, the sign of health, is well aware that the devil is in the details. How can your dietary practices become more mindful? Learn your codes—the PLU codes on fruit or vegetable stickers—and how to determine if an item was cultivated organically, conventionally, or (eeek!) genetically. Keep in mind that everything with a five-digit code beginning with the number 9—as seen on bananas, bell peppers, etc.—was cultivated organically. A 4 indicates normally farmed food, and an 8 indicates genetically modified (GMO) food. Here, Dr. Frank Lipman clearly describes the entire method. You are what you eat. The Virgo full moon serves as a reminder.

6. Experiment with a new term every day.

Virgo is a word nerd and is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. When you can use words like “superlative,” “unmatched,” or “magnificent,” why use “good”? This full moon is rewarding us all with the gift of gab this week, so take the challenge and wax poetic. Every day, adopt a new word and use it as frequently as you can.

7. Clear the clutter.

One of the favorite sayings of the Virgo sign is “waste not, want not.” As we already indicated, this week is perfect for organizing your closets and giving to a worthwhile cause or a buddy in need. But pause and consider whether there might be another purpose for this before throwing everything into trash bags. This week, try an “up-cycling” activity, which is similar to recycling but involves giving the item a brand-new use. Our resourceful group of buddies are experts at upcycling. We’ve also seen a bike wheel transformed into a wall clock, a denim skirt constructed out of jeans with a torn inseam, and beautiful baby cowboy boots used as flower pots (extra points from this earthy full moon for planting anything).

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