7 reasons why your Instagram business account isn’t growing

Intro: Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world. It’s even more popular than Facebook. With its high engagement rate, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning their Instagram into a business account to cash in on all of those followers. But what if you’re not growing? What if your follower count isn’t increasing and your Instagram engagement rate is stagnant? Read on for some possible reasons why this might be happening and how you can turn things around!

1. Your Instagram business account is bland and unoriginal: We live in a world of social media where the initial engagement rate is everything, which means that if your content isn’t interesting or exciting, people are going to scroll right past it. A lot of this comes down to your brand’s personality. If you don’t have any Instagram posts yet or have used up all of your “good content,” consider hiring a professional social media manager who can provide you with a wide variety of posts. There are plenty of Instagram influencers out there who would be happy to promote your brand in exchange for a free sample or two – paid promotions, however, can get expensive very quickly.

2. Frequency of your posting: Another possible reason your Instagram account isn’t growing as much as it should be is that you’re not posting content frequently enough. If your Instagram account doesn’t have a lot of recent posts, potential customers may conclude that your company isn’t even around anymore, which means they won’t follow you or engage with any future posts. Chances are, you post less than 1-3 times a day; if you want higher engagement rates on your posts, you have to post more often! You can put up a “few” posts a day and still get low engagement rates because people will only see a few of them. If you want your posts to be seen and make an impact, you have to post more like 3-4 times a day (spaced out, of course).

3. You aren’t following enough people: To gain followers on Instagram, you also need to follow people. However, there’s a fine line between following too many people and not following enough people. If you’re not pursuing enough people, your engagement rate will be low, and your follower count won’t snowball no matter how often you post.

4. You have a generic name: “ABC Business” – If your username is something generic like “Business,” “Marketing,” etc., you’re not going to get very many followers. However, if you want high engagement rates on your posts, you have to get more people following you so that they’ll see your posts when they scroll through their feed. That means having a business account with a name that appeals to your target market.

5. Using Captions that don’t sell: Your captions aren’t personal enough. People do not follow just for the photo- if that were the case, they’d subscribe to their favorite accounts. The first step to growing your followers is creating posts that make people want to engage with you. Nobody will stick around for long if they don’t like the content you’re posting! They’ll scroll right by it to select another “worthy” photo to leave a comment on. If you want to keep people interested in your account, make your captions enjoyable!

6. Communicate: Tag people, use hashtags relevant to the content you’re posting (and not entirely unrelated), ask questions, or say something about what’s going on with the photos. There’s a lot of different things you can do with your captions to increase engagement rate. Your captions aren’t personal enough. People do not follow just for the photo- if that were the case, they’d subscribe to their favorite accounts. They follow you because you’re talking to them, so speak to them!

7. Low interaction: People are leaving comments, but you’re not engaging back. When someone comments on one of your posts, you must respond. If they’re asking a question or tagging someone in words, answer them! Also, make sure that you take the time to like pictures posted by other users, especially people who have recently followed you. It is easy for them to see and give them a reason to follow back instead of unfollowing you out of disappointment. They follow you because you’re talking to them, so speak to them! Use your captions to engage with your audience, not just post about what’s happening in your life.

8. Not enough hashtags/too many hashtags: You don’t have a good ratio of hashtags. Hashtags allow your posts to find their way on the feed of interested people. If you never use hashtags, then people are unlikely to stumble upon your posts. You need at least 10-20 relevant hashtags for each post. But too many hashtags may also cause your post and account to get shadow-banned by Instagram. Too many hashtags are just as deteriorating as no hashtags. Make sure you balance out relevant hashtags and the caption with keywords.

9. Your photos don’t have a cohesive theme: If you want people to stay on your account, they need to see some pattern or composition to know what content they should be looking for next time they visit your profile. Make sure all of your photos are on-brand, related to one another, and have a similar theme. If your profile looks like a hot mess, then it’s not going to inspire people to follow you. Your feed should have a similar piece that ties it all together, just like the beautiful photo below. Your photos aren’t visually stunning. Brands, not individuals, curate the best Instagram accounts. If your photos don’t look aesthetically pleasing or are not high quality, people won’t want to follow you.

10. Your posts aren’t personal enough: People follow accounts on Instagram because they want to see more of that person’s life, so it makes sense that they’d be disappointed if you never post photos or stories of your family and friends. It isn’t to say that you have to make every post all about them, but it’s a good idea to keep them in mind when taking shots and coming up with captions!

Conclusion: If you’re not gaining any followers on your Instagram business account, the problem most likely lies in one of these three things: either you don’t post often enough, you aren’t engaging with other people’s content on Instagram, or you just aren’t following enough people. Fix whichever issue is having the most significant negative impact on your engagement rate. Then, correct your mistakes, and you will see your engagement rate increasing each day.

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