Amazon Alexa app crashing, not loading on some Android devices

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Many Amazon Alexa app customers have reported issues with the software crashing or not loading on Android.

The Alexa app allows users to access Alexa from their mobile phones. You can operate Alexa-enabled gadgets from the comfort of your own home and when on the go.

Reports of Amazon Alexa app crashing, not opening on Android 

The affected customers claim they can’t use the program because it keeps stopping and they can’t get past the login screen.

As per reports, this issue only concerns Amazon Alexa app users on the Android version and seems to have appeared in the past few days.

“Yep, Alexa app on Android keeps crashing. It seems that this is an ongoing issue since I’ve seen post from yesterday having the same issue. Delete cache, uninstall, reinstall, nada, nothing works. Amazon, this is an “across the board” issue. Provide a solution, (or an explanation at least),” another posted.

Many customers have been irritated by this bug because they have connected their entire smart device ecosystem with the Amazon Alexa app and are now unable to utilize it.

Some people tried troubleshooting steps such as deleting data and cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and restarting the phone, but still nothing worked.

Issue acknowledged + workarounds

Fortunately, Amazon Help has verified that developers are aware of the situation and are working on a solution. However, no timeframe was given for the official update or fix.

A user has suggested a possible solution for regaining access to the Amazon Alexa app. Try the below-mentioned steps:

1. Close the app.
2. Clearing cache may be needed.
3. Turn off the internet on your phone (wi-fi and cellular).
4. Open the app and log in (only need to log in if you cleared data in step 2).
5. On the Home page of the app, remove/ close out all notifications, deals, and skill notifications (top right 3-dots and tap “remove”).
6. Close the app and turn back on your internet (wi-fi and cellular).
7. Open the app and everything should work.

Another approach to resolve this problem appears to be to force-stop the Alexa app.

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