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Video: Apple AirTags Leak Shows Design Ahead Of Event

actress tracked by AirTag

Reports surfacing on tech sites suggest that leaks show glimpses of Apple AirTags in 3D renders video. It has long been rumored that Apple is working in Tile-like tracking tags. Reports hinted that they were initially scheduled to be launched last year which did not happen. However, now it is expected that Apple might officially announce AirTags at its “Time Flies” event scheduled for tomorrow. Ahead of their official announcement though, Jon Prosser has now shared 3D renders of AirTags that are based on actual images and videos shared that were shared with him. The 3D renders video shows some impressive features in the store.

A 3D renders video features leaks of Apple AirTags

Jon Prosser explains that the dimensions of AirTags is slightly bigger than that of a bottle cap. The Apple logo will be displayed at the rear along with “Ultra Wideband” and some other markings. The front view apparent from the leaked 3D render video shows AirTags as simple and minimalist, many users commented that they look unappealing from the front. This is good because trackers are designed in a way that they do not stand out. The minimalist design of AirTags prevents them from drawing attention.

The leaked 3D renders video further shows that the design of AirPods does not come with a hole or a mount that can be utilized for AirTags. Therefore, Apple will be selling a key chain, a miniature leather pouch. This key chain will be sold separately so that users can put their AirTags in the key chain and then use it to tag their items. Thankfully, Prosser notes that there’s room for third-party accessory makers to also design key chains for the tracking tags. He, however, does not have any idea about their pricing.

Moreover, it has been revealed that the AirTags will utilize ultra-wideband to offer precise positioning even when the user is indoors. One can use Apple’s Find My app to trace items tagged with AirTags. Apple already includes the U1 Ultra-wideband chip inside its iPhone 11 lineup. Prosser also stated that Apple has plans to include this technology on all of its devices, not just the iPhones.

What are AirTags?

Since many people are unaware of what exactly do AirTags entail; AirTags is an accessory designed by Apple for tracking down items that the user might have misplaced. The concept is similar to the Tile trackers, in that it takes the form of a small fob that can be attached to the item that needs to be tracked.

On their own, the “AirTags” aren’t thought to be able to receive a signal but are able to broadcast. By using Apple’s U1 chip, iPhones including the iPhone 11 and later will be able to track the position of the tag, by taking advantage of both Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband signals. This new technology seems immensely useful and practical for tracking down items and safekeeping.

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