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Apple CarPlay users seeing ‘Spotify is offline’ error

Apple CarPlay users seeing ‘Spotify is offline’ error
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Currently, some Apple CarPlay users are complaining about an issue where they see a ‘Spotify is Offline’ error on the app’s home tab.

With Apple CarPlay, you can use your iPhone in the car more comfortably and smartly while maintaining your concentration on the road. Earlier, there was an issue with CarPlay’s navigation function. And now it appears that Spotify is no longer compatible with it.

Reports of Apple CarPlay ‘Spotify is offline’ error

“This popped up yesterday and I cannot figure out to fix it. Cellular data is on, Spotify is not in offline mode, and music still plays. I didn’t change a single setting or update the app or my phone. One day it was fine, the next I got this screen,” a user posted.

According to reports, a small number of users experienced the exact same problem in iOS 16.1.2 as well. The issue is not restricted to one device model but occurs on different iPhone models.

Apparently, others apps work fine with Apple CarPlay. “Btw Apple Music streams just fine. It’s only Spotify that thinks it’s not online. Unreported CarPlay bug with iOS 16.2? And turning off EQ in Music settings made no difference,” a user posted.

The rest of Spotify’s features appear to function flawlessly on CarPlay. But the notification “You can play downloads from Your Library” appears first, then the offline Spotify error.

The problem is pretty annoying because the app’s Home tab has absolutely no content. The problem doesn’t really seem to be resolved by reinstalling the app or even restarting the phone.

Issue being investigated + potential workaround

The team has also recognized that Spotify appears to be the source of the problem. It is being investigated right now.

“Hey folks, we’re seeing reports that Home tab on Apple CarPlay show no content, but the error message “Spotify is offline – you can play downloads from Your Library” appears,” the Spotify team posted.

There’s also a workaround that involves upgrading to iOS 16.2 update. “Had the same issue, then I updated the phone software to 16.2, and restarted the app and it worked!” a user recommended.

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