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Apple Music ‘This song is not available’ error comes to light

Apple Music "The requested URL was not found on this server" error

Some Apple Music users are experiencing the ‘This song is not available’ error. According to users, certain songs have become greyed out and are no longer playable for them.

These greyed-out songs in their playlists show a pop-up message saying “This song is currently not available in your location” when clicked on.

Reports of Apple Music ‘This song is not available’ error troubling users

This issue appears to only affect the user’s playlist on their device, as they are able to listen to the same songs without issue on other devices and when searched for on Apple Music.

One person reported: “I keep finding grayed out songs in my playlists. Whenever I press them it says it’s not available, but when I search the song up individually I can play it. Does anyone know how to fix this?”

“Certain songs I’ve had in my playlists forever won’t play (in this case songs by Josh Turner). if I try to play them I get a message that says “This song is not currently available in your country or region.” I can play the songs directly from Apple Music but not from my playlist. what gives?” another user posted on Apple’s community forum.

Apple Music periodically renews licenses for songs or albums and makes updated versions available, but some users’ libraries may still have the old, “unavailable” version.

Record labels may also remove certain versions of an album, leaving only select versions accessible.

Possible workarounds

There are a few possible solutions to this issue. The first one requires you to sign in and out of your Apple ID.

You can also try to import audio files or songs into your library using your laptop.

A user suggested: “You can still import audio files into your library – get iTunes on a computer, then sync up your playlists. Import the song into iTunes, then add file identifiers for the song (artist etc) & sync your libraries/device. You’ll now be able to find the audio files in your Apple Music collection too.”

A community specialist at Apple also responded to a user’s complaint and recommended few steps to help resolve the issue.


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