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Arnab Goswami arrest video goes viral

Arnab Goswami arrest video

The arrest video of Arnab Goswami is making rounds on social media, the video shows Mumbai Police storming into Arnab Goswami’s house and assaulting his family before forcefully dragging him out. On Wednesday evening, Arnab Goswami, the Republic Media Network Editor-in-Chief was assaulted by Mumbai Police personnel. The police personnel arrested him from his house, the arrest was made in relation to the 2018 suicide case.

Video shows Arnab Goswami’s arrest and assault by Mumbai Police

In a shocking manner, the Mumbai Police stormed into the premises owned by Arnab Goswami. The Police not only tried to forcefully arrest him without mentioning the charges or showing an arrest warrant, but the Police also assaulted his family. The video shows Mumbai Police assaulting the minor son and elderly in-laws of Arnab Goswami. Needless to say, the arrest was made in a manner that is extremely unethical and unlawful. Dignity is a fundamental right of all citizens that must always be observed, no matter what the circumstances. Around 30-50 personnel of Mumbai Police stormed into Arnab Goswami’s residence with their AK-47’s.

“Are you coming with us? I am DYSP. I am here to arrest you. You have to co-operate with me. We are taking him to Raigad, Alibaug,” says, one Police officer in the video who was later identified as Pravin Patil. The video also shows a lady officer asking Arnab Goswami’s wife to sign some papers.

Arnab’s lawyer gave the following statement, “Family members were pushed, his house was cordoned off for three hours. He has an abrasion on his left hand, he already had an existing injury in his hand which was tried to tear apart. His arrest was not informed to his wife but his arrest punchnama says she was informed. He was pulled by his belt and was beaten on the back of his spine. He appeals to citizens of India to support him.”

Why was Arnab Goswami arrested?

n May 2018, an FIR was lodged against Arnab Goswami, the FIR was lodged in relation to suicide committed by a 53-year old interior designer, Anvay Naik, and his mother, in Mumbai. In his suicide note, Anvay Naik wrote that Arnab Goswami owed him about Rs 5.4 crore for designing his channel’s set up, which he had refused to give back. After the suicide note was found, Goswami was investigated by Mumbai Police but the case was dismissed by the court after a closure report was filed by the Mumbai Police.

In May, the Home Minister announced that the case had been opened again and the charges were being reinvestigated. The case was reopened after two years after the architect’s daughter, Adnya Naik had lodged a complaint.

However, after the arrest video went viral, several prominent media persons condemned the manner of the arrest.


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