Back to College: Tips to adjust post-COVID

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Introduction To Life After Covid

When COVID-19 first surfaced in 2020, the world went into a lockdown to prevent the disease from spreading. All processes went online, including education. Today, approximately two and a half years later, since most of the population has been vaccinated, many industries are going offline again.

It can be overwhelming for students who have become accustomed to online learning to go back to campus. This article touches upon some of the best ways students can transition from online to offline education and go back to college.

Common Challenges Faced By Students Going Back To College

Going back to college after online education can be overwhelming. Many students, classmates, and teachers might not have met before. It is crucial to remember that every person’s experiences and expectations will differ. Some of the significant changes that students may go through include:

⦁ New social distancing rules.
⦁ Hybrid teaching models.
⦁ New teaching styles catering to offline education.
⦁ Differences in learning techniques and pacing.

Students might suddenly feel overwhelmed because they have to manage their assignments and coursework along with household chores like cooking or cleaning their dorms. Today, there are lots of great platform where you can read reviews with real people’s opinion on each writing service. Students can avail such online services to manage their commitments better. Similarly, there are many more ways in which students can get help and adjust to these changed circumstances. It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with taking help where necessary.

Best Practices To Adjust To Post Covid Times

Be flexible

Flexibility is an essential trait for students when going back to college for the first time after the pandemic. Each student comes from a different background. As students come together for the first time after the pandemic, it is crucial to be a little flexible while working in groups so that all students feel welcome and safe.

Develop healthy eating and sleeping habits

When students start going back to college, they will have to account for the time spent traveling between classes, to their dorms, engaging in sports activities, social gatherings, etc. In this situation, it is easy to forget about healthy eating. Students are advised to account for mealtimes in their routine and incorporate a healthy meal plan. This will help them stay healthy and adjust to the new normal more easily.

Give yourself ample time to adjust

Even when a student goes back to college after Christmas break, it takes a few days for them to get back into a college routine. After two years of online education, it is natural that adjusting to campus life will take some time. Students must give themselves that time to get back to routine.

Plan and organize your day in advance

One effective time management strategy for college students is planning their day on the previous night. This will help them know their priorities on any particular day and how much free time they have. It saves students the hassle of running around in the morning when they wake up to figure out which class or meeting they have to attend first.

Prioritize mental health

Another tip to ease the back-to-school transition is prioritizing students’ mental health. Universities should encourage students to speak up if they face any issue or feel anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed. Students should also take care of themselves and not overfill their schedules with too many activities.

A Few Final Words

The process of adjusting to the post-pandemic new normal is not easy. Students have a learning curve that they must undergo, and it takes time. Forming healthy habits and adding discipline to their life will help students manage their time well. A student must remember that they are not alone. They have a robust support system in the form of parents, teachers, friends, and others to help them get through this phase and thrive in college.

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Carl Hill is a freelance writer and academician. He has extensive experience writing and publishing his academic and research work. Over the last two years, he has done an extensive research to understand the impact of the pandemic and distance education on students’ college experience. Today, he works with students, teachers, and parents to help them adjust to a post-pandemic lifestyle and adapt to campus life after studying from home.

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