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Why is the BBC weather app not working?

bbc weather app not working Android app

BBC Weather App was reportedly not working as users reported complaints that the Android app went down on Tuesday.

Why is the BBC Weather app not working?

Several users saw the “Your forecast is not available” message as they tried to check the weather report of their respective regions.

“BBC weather app still down? Tried updating, uninstalling etc.” – Twitter

A Twitter user posted this tweet just today facing the BBC Weather app outage issue.

“#bbcweather app for Android still not working this morning. Anyone else still having problems?” – Twitter

On the bright side, the BBC Weather App team has already addressed the issue and responded on Twitter. The team acknowledged the technical issue and said that they are working hard to fix this as soon as possible.

There have not been any reports of the BBC Weather app outage issue in recent years. However, according to tourism chiefs, inaccurate weather forecasts from the BBC weather app had affected the trade back in 2018. Several users were disappointed due to storm forecasts over the May Bank Holiday weekend. But the weather remained dry as opposite to BBC’s prediction of rain all morning on Saturday.

Jon Weaver, head of resort marketing and events in Bournemouth had said:

“Their picture for the day was pretty awful. In the end, we had blue skies and sunshine. It’s so frustrating. It’s having a negative impact on businesses.”

Latest update

The BBC Weather app had received an update in October 2020. According to the BBC website, the app finds the most recent forecast information as soon as you open it. It also shows the time of the last update so that users can identify how latest the forecast information is.

“The Android version of the app allows you to add a BBC Weather ‘widget’ to your home screen. The widget will periodically check for the latest forecast information based on the frequency you set within the app: ‘Settings’ > ‘Widget Refresh Frequency’,” the website answers.

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