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Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone
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Are you counting your daily steps? If not, it’s time you start doing it. Monitoring how many steps you take can help you discover if you’re meeting the recommended guidelines for daily physical activity and provide the motivation to be more active and hence healthier.

If you’re worried you’ll have to purchase an additional fitness tracker to monitor your movement, don’t be! You can easily track your steps directly from your iPhone. The App Store is packed with apps that can help you keep track of how much you walk. And because there are so many options available, we thought we’d make your task significantly easier by showing you the best alternatives you can get.

Activity Tracker

ActivityTracker is an easy-to-use pedometer app for iPhone. This app is designed to automatically record your daily movement without draining your battery, since it doesn’t resort to GPS. ActivityTracker tracks your steps, the distance, the calories burned, the active time and the flights of stairs climbed. To motivate you to walk more, the app allows you to set a weekly target for the fitness metric that’s most relevant to you, whether we’re talking about steps, calories or distance.

If you’re a fan of statistics, this app is definitely for you. ActivityTracker provides a wide array of stats, ranging from hourly averages to monthly and yearly summaries. You can see your progress for the day in comparison to last days, as well as receive notifications for target reached and half-reached. The app gives you the possibility to sync steps with Apple Health and offers an independent Apple Watch app with multiple Complications to choose from. There’s an app badge available to see your step count directly over the app icon, as well Lock Screen widgets for a quick look at your activity.

Price: Free (Subscription: $9.99/year)

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Pedometer++ is the oldest app in the App Store to use iPhone’s built-in motion processor. Therefore, just like ActivityTracker, it has a minimum impact on the battery. The app is fairly simple to use and is essentially focused on steps. This is easily noticeable from the main view, where you can see your daily step count, as well as totals for the last seven days. Of course, you can also track other metrics, such as the distance walked, active calories or the floors climbed.

Pedometer++ allows you to set a daily step goal and gives you the opportunity to monitor your progress from the iPhone or Apple Watch app. There are also Lock Screen widgets available to quickly see your progress for the day. An interesting feature of the app are the Achievements. Basically Pedometer++ rewards you with diverse badges every time you reach a specific milestone, such as walking 5.000 miles or climbing 10.000 floors.

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $0.99 to $4.99)

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Steps is another iPhone step tracker app to take into consideration. The app is designed with a clean and tidy interface, providing the bare necessities for fitness tracking. You can easily visualize your current step count and the progress in percentage towards your daily goal, in addition to other metrics such as the duration, the calories burned and the distance covered.

Steps enables you to activate GPS and track your walking route on a map. You can start and pause a workout whenever you want, view your results and share them with others. The app provides a detailed history of your physical activity, integrates with Apple Health and offers an app for Apple Watch. There’s support for Siri shortcuts, Lock Screen widgets and Live Activities.

Price: Free (Pro version: $1.99)

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Accupedo is an interesting solution to count steps on iPhone and Apple Watch. This pedometer app uses the built-in motion sensors, but also allows you to track your daily activity through GPS. This way you’ll be able to monitor on a map not only your walks, but also your running and cycling activities, and receive extra stats including your speed.

Accupedo provides a daily log with your activity and lets you share it on social media or via email. The app enables you to set a daily step goal and offers easy-to-read charts for your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity. A nice little touch are the inspiring quotes and smart messages which the app delivers each day to boost your exercise motivation.

Price: Free (Subscription: $9.99/year)

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Pedometer α

If you’re looking for a basic, yet reliable step counter for iPhone, Pedometer α might be what you need. This app is noticeably simpler in comparison to the other apps when it comes to design and functionality, but it offers all you need for basic activity tracking.

The app records and displays the number of steps, the distance, calories burned, time spent physically active and speed per hour. You can see fitness data for the current day, as well as for a specific date or time frame. It’s worth mentioning that all the features are available in the free standard version. The app is supported by ads though.

Price: Free (Supported by ads)

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