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VIDEO: Biden spotted grabbing flashcards during meeting with Putin

biden flashcards

During Russian and American presidents meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Biden was spotted seeing flashcards.

Joe Biden glanced down at flashcards briefly on Wednesday as he sat with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva ahead of meeting.

A video shared on social media showed Biden reaching over to a table for what it appears to be some notes as he sat down for the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Many on social media are wondering what could be on the small clips of paper brought by Joe Biden.

Conservative political columnist Benny Johnson posted a tweet saying “Biden brought his flashcards into his meeting with Putin.”
The Twitter post of Benny, including video has gone viral.

One post on Twitter compared Putin meeting with Biden and Trump, saying “Biden brought his flashcards to help him get through his Putin meeting. Guess who needed the flashcards when Trump and Putin met?”


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