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Biden signs measure speeding up US weapons deliveries to Ukraine

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President Joe Biden on Monday eased the acceleration of US weapons shipments to Ukraine through a law based on a World War II measure helping US allies to defeat Nazi Germany.

Biden signed the Lend-lease Act in the Oval Office, saying the United States supports Ukrainians’ “fight to defend their country and their democracy against Putin’s brutal war.”

Acknowledging the billions of dollars already spent by the United States, Biden said “caving to aggression is even more costly.”

The Lend-lease act, streamlining the flow of military equipment, “is based on a WWII-era program to help Europe resist Hitler,” the White House said.

The president noted he was signing the act the day after the United States and Western Europe marked Victory in Europe day and the 1945 defeat of Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

He also underlined that Monday marked the anniversary of the May 9 Europe Day, which celebrates the founding of the European Union in 1950 and creation of an “economic powerhouse” and “global force for peace.”

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