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Cineworld users not able to log in or book tickets

Cineworld users not able to log in or book tickets
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As per multiple reports, some Cineworld users are not able to log in or book tickets.

Cineworld is a famous movie theater chain that provides a fantastic movie-viewing experience. They have a wide range of films, including exciting action movies and heartfelt dramas.

Lots of people who love movies choose Cineworld because they can enjoy the films in a comfortable and modern theater.

Social media reports of Cineworld users not being able to log in or book tickets

Many people have been having trouble accessing their accounts. But now there’s a new problem for some Cineworld users. They have trouble logging in or booking tickets through the app or website. These users are talking about their issues on social media and asking Cineworld for help.

“@cineworld is there a problem with your app? I’m just getting a black screen when trying to book a ticket,” a user reported.

“Is there an issue with the website/app? I’ve tried booking 4 times across both and I can neither log in online nor complete the purchase on the app,” another user wrote.

A lot of people are saying that they see error messages when they try to log in or they have trouble booking tickets. This problem is affecting a lot of Cineworld users. They can’t use the Cineworld app or website to book tickets for shows or movies they want to see.

Issue acknowledged

Thankfully, the Cineworld support team knows about this issue.

“Hi Nic, apologies for any inconvenience. We’re aware of an issue affecting customers from being able to log into our website and app and book tickets; our IT team are aware of the issue and are working to get this rectified ASAP,” Cineword tweeted on Tuesday.

They responded to someone who had the problem and said that they are looking into it. But they haven’t provided any timeline for the fix.

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