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Here’s How To Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel

How To Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel

Are you wondering what Google’s Knowledge Panel is all about? Well, it is the block that you’ll see on the right side of your screen, any time you search for some particular keywords. Google uses this panel to improve its search engine results with information acquired from different sources. If you’re able to claim your Google Knowledge Panel, you might be able to influence what Google shows in it. As of today, a few individuals and brands have already claimed their own panel. And it’s still surprising that many people are yet to claim this valuable piece from Google.

In this article, we will show you everything about Google’s Knowledge Panel, including how you can claim yours.

What Is Google Knowledge Panel?

As mentioned earlier, the Google Knowledge Panels are blocks of information that always appear on the right side of the screen. They are auto-generated rich results that come up during certain Google searches.

The result, which is powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph, gives enough details about the particular keyword you’re searching for.

You can check below for an example of a knowledge panel.

Google Knowledge Panel

Benefits Of Google Knowledge Panel

In case you want to be seen on the first page of Google Search, for keywords like your name, brand, or business name, then claiming your Google Knowledge Panel is important.

Although you can’t buy a knowledge panel or apply for one, there are certain steps you can take to make that happen. And if Google decides to show you or your brand in the panel, it means you’ll dominate the right side of the screen in desktop search.

So, a knowledge panel helps to increase your brand’s visibility, especially when people are searching for it. Apart from that, claiming your personal knowledge panel is important, as it helps to prevent it from hackers.

How To Claim The Google Knowledge Panel

As mentioned earlier, there’s no way you can apply for a knowledge panel or buy one. The only way you can make it happen is to do certain things, which can help to increase your chances of getting it.

To claim your Google Knowledge Panel, follow the simple steps below:

  • Firstly, ensure you sign in your Google account or sign up a new one here.
  • Next, go to the search engine and search for your name or the brand you represent.
  • Scroll to the bottom, and click the Claim this knowledge panel.
  • Next, ensure you verify that you are the owner of the Google Knowledge Panel.
  • After that, all that remains is to continue managing the entity and optimizing it on Google.

To optimize the Google Knowledge Panel, first, you need to add relevant information about yourself or the brand you represent. Apart from that, ensure Google is listing every great thing about you and your brand.

Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel

Can’t Find The Panel? Here’s How You Can Increase Your Chances

In case you can’t find the “claim this knowledge panel” after searching for yourself and the entity you represent, you don’t have to feel bad about it.

The problem is that you or your brand hasn’t gained enough authority yet (according to Google’s algorithm). Nonetheless, what you need to do is be more active online, involving in content that’ll increase your name or brand’s mentions online. You can start off by publishing books on Amazon or other platforms with high authority.

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