Compelling reasons to move to VDS/VPS hosting environment

Redefining Digital Hosting Experience: A Detailed Review of Cloudzy's Cloud VPS Hosting Server

Are you looking to elevate your hosting experience and take control of your online presence? 

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer compelling benefits that can transform the way you manage your websites and applications. In this guide, we’ll explore the key reasons why switching to VDS or VPS can be a game-changer for you.

So let’s get started! 

Flexibility and control 

You will have complete flexibility and control over your virtual private server (VDS/VPS) settings. As the owner, you have full administrative access with root privileges, allowing you to modify configuration files for any services running on the VDS. This means you can easily tailor the web server, DNS server, and mail server to your specific requirements.

Even if you’re not an expert, managing your VDS is simple. The ISPmanager server control panel offers access to the most essential server settings, making it a breeze to configure and customize your VDS according to your needs. 

Number of sites you can create 

With a virtual dedicated server (VDS/VPS), the possibilities are limitless. Unlike regular virtual hosting, you have the freedom to create an unlimited number of sites, domain zones, databases, SSH and FTP users, and mailboxes. The only constraints are the physical resources, such as disk space, processor capabilities, and memory, rather than arbitrary virtual limitations often imposed by shared hosting providers.

This unparalleled flexibility allows you to go beyond the norm. You can confidently set up “test” sites and databases to experiment with new scripts and technologies without any impact on your live websites

Ability to install your own software and customize it

With VDS, you have the freedom to install any software you need, be it additional services, libraries, modules, or scripts. Rest assured, any software compatible with your chosen operating system will run seamlessly on your VDS.

When you purchase a VDS, you break free from being bound by the tastes and preferences of your hosting provider. You are no longer limited in that sense. 

Launching non-standard services

On the VDS/VPS server, you wield full control over all services and processes. You can initiate new services or disable unnecessary ones to optimize system resources as per your needs. For instance, some of our clients run IRC servers while deactivating web, DNS, MySQL, and mail servers they don’t require. This fine-tuning allows them to maximize VDS performance for their specific tasks.

You get your own nameservers

VDS/VPS clients have the option to use either the provider’s standard nameservers or set up their own. Configuring your own nameservers can be easily done through the control panel or manually. Just install a DNS server program like BIND and create a configuration file. If you need help, detailed setup guides for popular operating systems are available on the internet.

Security is unmatched 

Every virtual dedicated server (VDS/VPS) is entirely isolated from other VDSs on the same physical server. There’s no way to access files and VDS processes of another virtual server. This robust isolation sets Virtual Dedicated Servers apart from traditional virtual hosting, ensuring a reliable and secure hosting environment.

Guaranteed Resources

In a virtual (shared) hosting environment, there’s a risk that one resource-intensive client could monopolize a significant portion of the server’s resources, leading to slowdowns or even disruptions for all other sites sharing the same physical server. Dealing with such a neighboring client can become a real headache for you.

With VDS, the scenario is different. Each client’s virtual machine operates within strict limits for memory and processor usage, as defined by their chosen tariff. This ensures that clients cannot interfere with neighboring virtual machines, while always having access to the specified resources they signed up for.


Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS/VPS) offers unmatched flexibility, control, and security. With full administrative access, the ability to create an unlimited number of sites, domains, and mailboxes, and the freedom to install custom software, you can tailor your hosting environment to suit your needs perfectly. 

The strict resource allocation ensures reliable performance, making VDS an ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking a powerful and secure hosting solution that can accommodate their unique requirements and scale as their online presence grows. 


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