Here Is How To Know If Your Cat Has Coronavirus

coronavirus cats symptoms

Are you a cat lover? If yes, then I’m sorry to break it to you that you might need to start exercising social distancing with your pet. At the early outbreak of coronavirus, we heard that animals could not carry the virus. However, it seems there’s a change in the story as two cats have now tested positive to COVID-19 in New York. As such, we’ll be showing you some of the symptoms of coronavirus in cats.

News about cats being positive

Now long ago, there was a report that two cats tested positive to coronavirus after showing some symptoms. Because of that, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says all pet owners should take precautions while living with their cats. Although we only have a few cases of pets that tested positive to the virus, the CDC has suggested that people should extend distancing to their pets, including dogs.

The CDC further explained that if anybody falls sick, pets should be taken as far away from them as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should do away with your pets. Also, Dr. Melissa Salgado mentioned that social distancing should extend to pets, especially cats and dogs. The statement came after Salgado diagnosed one of the coronavirus infected cats. The doctor further added that it’s more harmful to test cats, and there’s no recommendation by CDC yet, as regards testing of pets.

Here’s what the veterinary doctor said:

“Social distancing applies to your pets too,” “They are at risk of developing this disease so it’s best to err on the side of caution.”

“Testing requires swabs of the nose, of the mouth, and the conjunctiva of the eyes, as well as fecal testing,” Salgado said. “And there are so many illnesses in pets that aren’t coronavirus that we aren’t advocating for widespread testing.”

Coronavirus Symptoms In Cats

According to the report from the CDC, the two cats only showed mild respiratory symptoms of coronavirus and will recover soon. Although it’s not clear how the cats contracted the virus, a report says it’s likely from the people staying around them. It also says that there’s no proof at that moment to show that cats can transmit the virus to humans, just the other way around.

Also, there’s a report that a 4-year old tiger (big cat) tested positive to coronavirus after showing symptoms of dry cough. The report further says the cat contracted the virus from a zookeeper who also has the virus.

Another news reported in Belgium that a cat also tested positive after contracting the virus from its owner. Some of the symptoms shown by the cat include dry cough, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Why Does A Cat Show Symptoms

For symptoms to show, the virus needs a receptor to bind, to get inside the cell and begin replicating. In humans, coronavirus utilizes the protein on the cell receptors (ACE2 proteins) to bind and start replicating after entering the cell.

According to researches, cats also have the Ace2 proteins as receptors. That means when a virus attacks them, it automatically gains access to penetrate inside their cell. And that enables the virus to replicate, making the cats show the coronavirus symptoms.

As of now, no report says cats can transmit the virus to humans. So, to ensure the safety of your cat, ensure you keep it away from anybody that’s sick.

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