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Denuvo Anti-Tamper performance issues comes to light

Denuvo Anti-Tamper performance issues comes to light
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There are a lot of social media reports related to Denuvo Anti-Tamper performance issues.

Games use a DRM (Digital rights management) program called Denuvo Anti-Tamper to prevent reverse engineering and modifying executable files. These are done to improve the safety of games and help to keep them from being cracked or pirated.

However, it seems that using Denuvo in certain game codes is causing problems for many gamers.

Reports of Denuvo Anti-Tamper performance issues

Several people believe that Denuvo has a negative impact on the performance of the supported games. Despite the fact that tool’s developers claim otherwise, the game’s creators disagree.

Some users took to social media to post about their concerns.

A user posted: “Lol good luck, I had to buy the game because it’s got Denuvo. Too bad that shit also hinders the game’s performance while it’s running in the background.”

“Denuvo isn’t harmful because it makes piracy difficult. It’s harmful because it tanks performance and is an invasive DRM,” another person reported.

Although Atomic Heart has gotten a great deal of attention in the recent controversy over Denuvo’s effects on performance, other games have suffered as well. DeadSpace, The Callisto Protocol, Forspoken, and Resident Evil Village are a few examples.

Moreover, those who legally owned the game from reputable sources are being restricted from playing because of the intrusive DRM.

“I have already installed the game for the 3rd time because I can’t start the game and then I get this pop-up with this link I am taken to this webpage where I have to wait 24 hours to try the game again to play the game,” a Redditor shared.

This has existed as a problem for a long time since the tool could be triggered incorrectly. However, it appears that it persists resulting in permanent or temporary suspensions for some.

No acknowledgment of the issue

When it comes to the developer of Atomic Heart, they have admitted to using Denuvo. However, they claim that players will have access to Nvidia DLSS to compensate for any performance issues.

However, Denuvo Anti-Tamper developers have yet to address this widely reported issue in which the tool hinders game performance.

There are currently no workarounds to resolve the performance issues.


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