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Yoast New Update Is Causing AMP Validation Errors

Yoast New Update Is Causing AMP Validation Errors

The popular WordPress SEO plugin Yoast has received a new update which is causing AMP validation errors for websites around the world. Dozens of website owners and administrators have complained at the Support section of that they are facing AMP issues after updating Yoast. Fortunately, there is a temporary fix.

Yoast is giving AMP validation errors

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source framework for mobile web browsing. It allows websites to load faster. If you use both Yoast and the AMP for WP plugins, you might have encountered errors like “Invalid Attribute Value” and “Disallowed attribute or attribute value present in HTML tag” after updating Yoast.

One website administrator posted, “Again I am facing an AMP issue after the Update. Fix this issue as soon as possible, every time getting a new error after every update, So please give an update without any bux and issues. Now this time a new error.”

Another website owner said, “I have checked on search console the error I saw is this <meta name=”twitter:label1″ value=”Written by”> can you tell me how to fix it?”

But he posted it on the support page of AMP for WP plugin. And the plugin’s author replied that the issue was not from their side. “This is happening because of the latest version of Yoast SEO,” said the plugin author Ahmed Kaludi.

Meanwhile, the Yoast team has filed a bug report. Their developers are working to resolve the issue. But they haven’t given a timeline for when the bug would be fixed.

How to fix it

Since it’s an AMP validation error, some people tried to resolve the problem by disabling the AMP Plugin for WordPress. If you disable it, the error goes away but you also don’t have any AMP content. That’s not something you would want.

A temporary but effective way to fix it is to disable the “Enhanced Slack sharing” option.  You can disable it from SEO > General > Features > Disable Enhanced Slack Sharing.

After disabling the Enhanced Slack sharing, you should purge the website’s cache. Then head over to the Google Search Console, open the AMP error tab, and hit the Validate Fix button. It should work until an official fix is rolled out.

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