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Discord disconnecting calls issue comes to light

Discord 'Events tab' not showing up for users
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Some Discord users have reported issue that the service has been disconnecting and rejoining during calls in recent days, prompting the program to reload.

When it comes to messaging apps, Discord has a lot of useful features. It is especially popular among gamers who use their voice channels to communicate while playing.

Reports of Discord disconnecting calls issue

Discord is generally reliable, however, it does come without its flaws. For example, desktop users are currently unable to paste using the CTRL + V command, and there are intermittent outages.

The issue at hand primarily occurs during phone talks (voice and video). It causes calls over Discord to drop and reconnect at random, with no particular reason. During certain calls, the Discord app even resets. The problem appears to affect both the desktop version and the mobile app.

“My discord crashes (I think?) and it kicks me out of a call for a few seconds, and then I auto-join back. Discord doesn’t close down, it just doesn’t respond to any inputs. This randomly happens and as I’ve seen it’s only when I’m in a call so far. This happening to anyone else?” a user reported.

“My issue is this, I’ll be in a discord server VC and every 15 minutes Ill hear the leave noise, it will show that I’m still in VC as if I used a different device but I won’t hear anyone or see the end call button then several seconds it will load any help?” another user complained.

Disconnection occurs in some reported incidents when users put the app in the background. That occurs, when you minimise the desktop client and go to another app on smartphones.

iOs update causing issues and Discord team reaching out to affected users

For iPhone users, the bug appeared after a recent update.

The Discord team has reached out to a customer who had posted about the issue. This means they are aware of the problem and are asking for more details from users.

Looks like Discord users will have to wait for an official acknowledgement from the team.


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