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Donald Trump’s full interview with Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump full interview with Tucker Carlson
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The full interview of former President Donald Trump with Tucker Carlson was aired on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday.

Full Interview with Donald Trump: Addressing his arraignment and Biden’s re-election prospects on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Trump expressed skepticism about Joe Biden’s intentions to run for re-election for a second term. His interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight was his first since being arraigned in New York City last week. They covered various topics including his indictment and Biden’s possible re-election bid, Fox News reported.

Although Biden has indicated informally that he intends to run again, he has yet to make an official announcement. During an interview with NBC meteorologist Al Roker on Monday, Biden stated that he plans on running. However, he noted that he is not yet ready to make an official announcement.

During the interview, Carlson questioned Trump about Biden’s possible re-election bid. The 76-year-old responded by pointing out that Biden appeared unable to provide coherent answers during his recent interview with Al Roker.

Trump went on to suggest that it remains unclear whether Biden would be capable of handling another presidential campaign.

“Look, I watch him just like you do. And I think it’s almost inappropriate for me to say it – I don’t see how it’s possible,” the former president said. “But there’s something wrong. I saw his answer on television about whether or not he was going to run, to a very nice guy named Al Roker.”

Trump’s remarks on Biden’s re-election prospects and record-breaking age

According to Trump’s remarks, he believed that Biden was asked very easy questions by Al Roker, a longtime weatherman on “Today”.

“[Biden gave] a long answer about the eggs and this and that — look, I don’t think he can,” he said.

If Joe Biden were to win re-election, he would become the oldest president to be inaugurated at 82 years old in 2025, surpassing the previous record held by Trump, who was 70 at his inauguration in 2017.

Trump was also asked about his recent arraignment on felony business record falsification charges in a New York County courthouse. He replied by saying that some of the staff and officers present at the courthouse appeared to be visibly emotional upon seeing him booked.

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