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Dubai Goes Paperless For Parking Tickets

Dubai Paperless Parking tickets Smart Meters

The latest development in Dubai says there’ll now be paperless tickets as proof of paid parking. Since an announcement was made back in January, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has put in a lot of effort to ensure a successful switch from paper to digital experience.

RTA Announces The Paperless Parking Tickets In Dubai

As announced on Twitter yesterday Sunday, May 17, RTA says it has finally succeeded in its plan and Dubai will now make use of paperless parking tickets. The latest development, which includes having parking meters fit with a touch screen, will have motorists input their registration plate number to pay for parking fees.

Here’s what the post says:

“no paper parking tickets on the vehicle’s windshield after today. The parking machines are updated to include an interactive touch screen. That allows the customer to enter the vehicle’s information and obtain an e-ticket, saving time and effort.”

The Parking Meter: How It Works

With the look of things, the blue parking meters are fitted with interactive touch screens. As soon as motorists register using their vehicle details, the screen issues an e-ticket immediately, without having to waste time. And since the smart parking meter is paperless, motorists won’t have to display their tickets on their windshields.

“RTA began installing smart parking meters in the first quarter of 2020, distinguished by their blue color and fitted with interactive touch screens that enable users to enter vehicle information and issue an electronic ticket. The installation process will end by the end of 2020. Paper tickets are no longer needed in areas where the smart parking meters have been updated.”

Presently, it looks like there are areas where parking meters are yet to receive the updates. In that case, RTA says users can still place paper tickets on their windshield pending the time updates will roll to them. That’ll help them avoid fines and harassment.

Dubai Paperless Parking Tickets

Apart from using coins and prepaid cards, users can also make payments for their parking fees using the RTA app. As soon as a user make the payment, he/she will receive an option to print out the receipt. Although that won’t require putting it on the dashboard, it’ll only serve as a reference for customers.


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