Easy Ways To Keep Your Store Safe

Easy ways to keep your store safe
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From Getting Commercial Insurance at Your Service to Installing CCTV Camera Systems – 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Store Safe

If you are running a clothing store and are wondering how you can keep it safe, you will find this ultimate guide useful. It runs through all the best tips and tricks, like buying quality general liability insurance, investing in CCTV cameras, and regularly conducting stock takes. Read ahead to learn more.

Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras will help keep your store safe. Not only would you be able to track anyone who happens to break in, but burglars would be less likely to steal as they would see the cameras installed. You don’t have to invest in expensive cameras – even cheap ones work fine. Something easy that you can do is have signs around the store warning potential shoplifters that there are CCTV cameras watching them. This will add some added fear that should get them to stop

Deploy Customer Service

You can use customer service to your advantage and keep shoplifters away. All you do is have staff approach customers, and ask them whether they would want help. This will remind them that your staff is always around. You can also have undercover workers help – have a couple of your workers tidying shelves while keeping an eye out.

Do Regular Stock Takes

It’s important that you do regular stock takes. This would tell you how your stocks look like, so you would know whether any shoplifters or thieves have struck. You would also be able to identify whether a specific product has been getting stolen, which will help you formulate a plan.

Get Security Officers

Of course, you should deploy retail officers around your store. They would scare off anyone from stealing as they would know there are guards to stop them. You don’t need too many security officers as just one or two by the door would work fine. Make sure that you hire trained individuals, though, as you want the best people defending your store in case a thief or danger strikes.

Buy Commercial Insurance

I would also advise you to invest in quality commercial insurance. You would be able to save money in case you do get robbed, as your insurance will cover the liabilities. There are many insurance companies that offer commercial insurance at your service for competitive prices. So, look into this.

You can also think about getting general liability insurance. You would be able to save cash in case one of your workers get injured, or if a customer gets hurt while in your store.

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