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Elon Musk: “Wasn’t Twitter supposed to die by now or something?”

Elon Musk saved Twitter from a $3B shortfall by 'cutting costs like crazy'
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Elon Musk dismissed the #RIPTwitter hashtag once more on Wednesday, claiming that the microblogging platform he founded is actually growing and will not die as predicted.

Despite widespread criticism, Musk stated that Twitter is where “opinion leaders are.”

“Wasn’t Twitter supposed to die by now or something?” Musk has over 118 million followers on Twitter.

“Maybe we’ve gone to heaven/hell and don’t know it,” he chuckled.

The new Twitter CEO is currently attending late-night meetings with software teams with the goal of building a more robust Twitter in the coming days.

“Twitter is where the opinion leaders are. I am cautiously optimistic that things will work out well,” Musk further posted.

Despite the hashtag #RIPTwitter trending on social media following an earlier exodus of some brands due to the company’s uncertain future, Musk stated that “Twitter is ALIVE.”

After laying off roughly two-thirds of Twitter’s 7,500 employees, CEO Jack Dorsey said the company is done with layoffs and is hiring again.

According to Musk, there are “no plans” to have the company’s headquarters in Texas, as he did with Tesla, though “dual-headquartered” offices in Texas and California would make sense.

“If we want to move the headquarters to Texas I think it would play into the idea that Twitter has gone from being left-wing to right-wing, which is not the case,” Musk told employees during a recent meeting.

“This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. It is a moderate-wing takeover of Twitter,” he added.

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