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EU elections set for June 6 to 9, 2024

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More than 400 million European voters will choose a new five-year EU parliament between June 6 and 9 next year, the EU presidency announced Wednesday.

Elections in the EU’s 27 member states will decide the make-up of the roughly 700-seat assembly, charged with overseeing European legislation.

The Strasbourg-based parliament will also confirm the appointments of Brussels’ top officials, including the president of the European Commission.

The current president, Ursula von der Leyen, has not confirmed that she will seek a second term but is expected to retain the backing of centre-right MEPs and key member states if she does so.

The European Union’s last election was held in 2019 between May 23 and 26, with member states choosing a polling day according to their national traditions.

The Netherlands, for example, votes on a Thursday, Malta on a Saturday and France on Sunday.

Some countries, such as Belgium, may hold national elections on the same day, in parallel to the European vote.

The 2024 vote will be the first European election with no British candidates, the UK having left the EU in 2020.


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