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Facebook now telling users that someone they know is becoming an extremist

facebook are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist

Facebook users are reporting they received alerts, “you may have been exposed harmful extremist content recently,” and “are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist” with a button to click to get support.

A user, who shared the screenshots of the “extremist content” message from Facebook, wrote this on his Twitter post.

“It got more interesting today. A FB friend got the first message. After viewing their post about it, I got the second message to pop up. The FB friend is an outspoken conservative and even has appeared on major cable news networks – Kind of like Alex has.”

facebook are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist

Facebook has rolled out new warnings to people who may have been exposed to “extremist content” or have “extremist friends”. This is what it shows when you click “get support”.


A point mentioned in “Support from experts” that Facebook is offering says, if you’re “manipulated into joining a group” that Facebook labels as “violent extremist,” you’re in danger of losing “friends, family members, and jobs.”

Users on Twitter and other social media are criticizing Facebook for showing these kind of messages to its users.

A user tweeted, “WOW! Not sure if everyone is grasping the full gravity of THIS. Imagine, now ANYONE who doesn’t agree with your political perspective arbitrarily flags the Zuck f_*k that YOU are “becoming an extremist”…what does Facebook do, give the NSA or FBI access to your account info?”

Another user wrote, “We know lots of people becoming extremist against big tech censorship extremists. Facebook now providing support!”

“I like how #Facebook explicitly acknowledges that #CancelCulture is real, has happened, and will be used against you if you so much as even know someone who could even loosely be categorized as “an extremist. Shockingly honest of them.” a user on Twitter wrote.

Another message shared by a user on Twitter said, “Wasn’t it Facebook who experimented on their users by showing a portion of them only content that would make them happy and another content that would anger them to figure out which provided more engagement? Does that mean Facebook is the extremist violent group?”


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