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Facebook asks users to allow tracking ahead of Apple privacy change

Facebook starts forcing along some of Apple’s iPhone and iPad users to allow the organization to track their activity so that it can show them more personalized ads. This decision comes with Apple’s planned privacy update to iOS 14, which will notify users about this type of tracking and take their permission if they want to approve it.

Facebook to send new notifications to allow tracking on Apple devices

The two organizations have been in a disagreement for many years and recently engaged in a heated discussion regarding these privacy changes. This war specifically revolves around the IDFA, which is a unique device identifier on all iPhones and iPad. Companies including Facebook that deal in mobile advertisements use this ID to help ads targeting and analyze their functionality.

facebook ad prompt tracking apple

Every app that agrees to use these identifiers will prompt users to enter into tracking when the app is first launched as the recent update rolls out to iOS 14. Opting out of this tracking will make the ads less functional. Facebook is testing the outcomes of this update now before Apple makes it mandatory for all apps in the coming months. Facebook will start showing some users its own prompts from Monday giving an explanation about this tracking activity and urging users to select it. Apple users will see these prompts on the screens soon even before the Apple pop-up appears.

Facebook’s business affected

Facebook has shown concerns and warned investors that these updates could affect its advertising business in the early quarter.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Apple is one of the greatest competitors and called these privacy changes a hindrance in the growth of millions of businesses running around the world. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple responded to Facebook during a speech at a data privacy conference saying that a business established on misguiding users, exploitation of data, and no choices do not qualify for appreciation but disdain.


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