Family Law: How To Become A Family Lawyer

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Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Family Lawyer

You can’t become a family lawyer overnight.

Becoming a lawyer requires years of study, hard work, and experience. It usually takes about 7 years to complete the education needed to become a lawyer (4 years to complete an undergraduate degree, followed by 3 years at law school). You will also need to set aside time to study for the state bar and gain work experience.

The good news is that in this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide to becoming a family lawyer.

1 . Get Your Undergraduate Degree

In most parts of the world, you will need an undergraduate degree to be allowed to study or practice law.

However, there is no rule stating what you have to study as an undergraduate to get into law school.

Most lawyers will take something that will teach them skills they will find beneficial in later life – like history, English Literature, Politics, or even Languages.

When you are picking the last two years of your undergraduate classes, you should be thinking about what law school you want to be applying to once you graduate.

The more prestigious the school, the more traditional classes you will need to take and the better you will need to do in them.

The better your GPA is when you graduate, the easier you will find it to be accepted into the schools you want.

2 . Pass The LSATs

Before you apply for a law school, you will need to have passed the LSATs.

Passing the LSATs (Law School Admissions Test) is mandatory for anyone who wants to go to an American Bar Association approved law school. You need to go to an ABA approved school if you want to practice law in the US.

The LSATs take the form of half a day of standardized testing. They can be taken in June, October, and December. You will benefit from taking them as early as possible.

But remember, you do not want to let your grades at college slip because you are studying for the LSATs.

3 . Do An Internship At A Law Firm

Law Schools like to see that you have shown an interest in law and have made an effort to make yourself a more valuable student.

This means that most law schools expect you to have been part of the debate team of your college, and have spent some time working for a law firm.

You can get an internship or volunteer with a local law firm – most of them will be happy for the extra help. Having a recommendation from the partner of a good firm can really help your application.

4 . Graduate From Law School

Once you have got into Law School the hard work isn’t over. Now, you want to concentrate on doing as well in your studies as you can.

Law firms like to hire from graduating classes, so you want to make sure that you can set yourself apart from the others in your class.

The best way to do this is to graduate with as high a rank as possible in the class. Big firms pay close attention to these rankings.

At law school, you are trained in all types of law, you do not specialize. This helps to keep your options open after you graduate and in later life if you want to change fields.

5 . Get The State Bar

After you have graduated from law school, you will want to decide where in the country you would like to practice law.

This is important because each state has its own bar exam.

It is best that you start studying for the bar in the summer after your graduation. This means you will be able to take the bar as soon as possible and start practicing law.

6 . Start Working With A Family Law Firm

If you are interested in practicing family law then you will need to find a family law firm – like – that will take you on.

You will then need to spend your spare time brushing up on family law in the state you are working in and start buying your reputation as a specialized lawyer.

Once you have a good amount of experience working with one specialized firm. You can start working your way up the ranks, move to a bigger firm, or even start your own.

You want to keep track of the family law cases you have worked on, just in case you need to talk about them in a job interview.


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