Finding Your Creative Vision: 5 Tips for Unique Videos

The subtleties of video marketing content ultimately make the difference between audience engagement and lack thereof. The more creative your approach and the better your execution, the more captivated your audience will be.

Finding your creative vision is the first step to video marketing success. Successfully executing that vision is the other half of the battle. Here’s a quick look at some LinkedIn video production tips to help you make creative video content that leads to conversions.

Video Marketing Tip #1: Tell a Story Instead of Explicitly Selling

Using a video to make an overt sales pitch won’t make a significant impact. Truthfully, your message will potentially be quickly forgotten. The most creative and impactful video marketing content tells a story with a clear start, midpoint, and conclusion.

Your video marketing content should be entertaining rather than annoying. Write out a storyline you’ll evoke emotion in your viewing audience through drama, humor, and/or adventure, instead of simply trying to sell to them directly.

The story-based approach to video marketing doesn’t need to be completely covert in terms of communicating the merit of your value proposition. Rather, you’ll want to communicate those through storytelling. You can still add sales-related elements, such as a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your content, to fully engage your audience beyond the video and convert them into paying customers.

Video Marketing Tip #2: Make an Immediate Impact

The first 5 to 10 seconds of your videos are the most important. Hook the audience with visually striking aesthetics, intriguing dialogue, or something else that is attention-worthy. This will help you maximize viewership through the remainder of the video. Though there is no guarantee the audience will remain tuned in through the entirety of the video, hooking the audience in the initial few seconds will keep most viewers glued to the screen.

Video Marketing Tip #3: The Thumbnail Matters

Videos posted to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and several other platforms require a thumbnail. The thumbnail is a still shot of the video content. A thumbnail consisting of a plain image lacking in visual appeal or one that is otherwise nondescript will not convince potential viewers to watch the content.

Invest the time necessary to create video thumbnails that appeal to your audience and they’ll be that much more excited about the content, ultimately clicking those thumbnails more often than if the thumbnail was unappealing.

Video Marketing Tip #4: Educate While Entertaining

Customer acquisition requires educating people about the uses, aesthetics, and other advantages of your product or service. Since nearly 70% of people are visual learners, you should invest time, money, and effort into creating engaging and educational content.

The best videos entertain the audience while simultaneously informing them about how to use products to solve problems or improve their quality of life. Showcase the product or service in the context of its functionality while telling an entertaining story, and your audience will have a better understanding of how it benefits them.

Video Marketing Tip #5: Draw Inspiration From Competing Videos

When you’re looking for video content inspiration, take cues from successful competitors in your industry. You can weave elements of these videos into your own as a starting point to learn what your customers like the most.

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