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Is there a fix to Invite Collaborator not showing on Instagram?

No fix for Instagram bug: Users report 'Invite Collaborator' not showing
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Many Instagram users are complaining that the Invite Collaborator feature is not showing and want a fix for it.

The feature either doesn’t show up or occasionally vanishes from their accounts. Some have even said that it randomly reappears after a while. This can be frustrating for users who want to collaborate with others on their content.

Reports of Instagram users demanding a fix for ‘Invite Collaborator’ feature not showing on their accounts

The purpose of the ‘Invite Collaborator’ feature is to allow Instagram users to collaborate with others on creating reels. The creator of the original reel can invite another account to join as a collaborator.

However, due to its frequent disappearance, creators are unable to invite others for collaborations, making the feature useless. Additionally, this issue prevents the account from being eligible for collaborations, and an error message reading “can’t be invited as a collaborator yet” is displayed.

“Has anybody faced issues with @instagram where the “invite collaborator” option is completely gone? I’ve reported this issue many times to no avail and this is really frustrating,” one person reported.

Another wrote: “I just need the invite collaborator and the partnership toggle back on my Instagram 😭 like u can take back the monetization… I just need my creator tools again.”

The bug appears to be affecting all types of accounts, including personal, business, and creator accounts, regardless of the user’s follower count.

Possible reasons for the Instagram bug

There is a possibility that Instagram is still testing the feature, which could explain why some users are experiencing unexpected disappearances.

This is a pattern that has been observed by some users when Instagram rolls out a new feature.

“The feature was randomly removed from your account. It essentially is due to Instagram’s way of rolling out features to accounts. They also will randomly remove it. Nothing you can do about it,” a Redditor shared.

However, Instagram has not provided any official comments or information regarding the issue. They have also not clarified when the feature will be fully available to all users.

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