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Fortnite Gives Up on China, Shuts Down Its Servers

Fortnite shut down china
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Epic Games recently announced the closure of ‘Fortress Night,’ the Chinese version of the video game Fortnite, and now the developers have officially announced the closure of the game’s servers.

Earlier this month, the company’s official website in China announced that the “test” version of the game would be discontinued in the region this month.

Fortress Night was released in 2018 as part of a collaboration with publisher Tencent.

Currently, no specific reason has been provided as to why Fortnite China has been abruptly shut down. Only a few months ago, the Chinese government enacted new laws that limit under-18s to three hours of weekend play.

Online games will also be required to connect through a government-run “anti-addiction” system. Under the new regulations, users must use their real names and government-issued documentation to identify themselves on the sites.

Companies will also be prohibited from providing services to users who have not logged in using their real names, preventing them from remaining ignorant of their users’ backgrounds.

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