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Video: Protester in Brooklyn Center says “standing here with soup for my family”

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Video shows a protester during protest in Brooklyn Center repeated exactly what Trump said during his presidency in a press talk about how protesters use cans of soup against cops. “Soup for my family”. 

The protester said this during a talk with CNN anchor, who is in Brooklyn Center to cover the protests after the death of Daunte Wright.

According to Trump, protesters throw soup at police and then upon getting caught, tell those officers that they are just carrying around “soup for my family.” They’re then coming back with “big bags of soup.”

Someone edited both the clips to show the exact words that Trump said in July 2020:

Protester: “I’m just standing here with soup for my family (wink)...”

Sara Sidner: “You’re not planning on using that are you, to throw it at police?”

Protester: “As I said, soup for my family.”

Here is the video of Trump talking about the “soup for my family.”