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Cyberattack shuts down global meat processing operations of JBS

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Phone and computer systems compromised and operations paralyzed at JBS (One of the largest meat processing companies in the world) across Australia, Canada, and the US have been shut down by a cyber attack.

The impact is already being seen in JBS’s Australian operations, where the company has cancelled today’s (Monday’s) entire beef and lamb kills across the nation, in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Overseas, it is still Sunday as this item is published, but it is anticipated that similar actions will happen in processing operations in North America, and potentially, South America from tomorrow. Monday is a Memorial Day holiday in the US, which may help the company’s North American operations buy some time to find solutions.

JBS Australia said it was unable to speculate about a resumption to processing operations in Australia, saying the first priority was to assess the impact and extent of the attack.


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Remember when we had an adult in the White House and things like this didn't happen?  Watching terrorists and criminals run amok while Joe Chi Minh struggles to read his own name on the teleprompter is like being tied to a chair, watching a toddler play with a loaded gun.