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Dutch politician exposes Rockefeller

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VIDEO: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPssEewDXgp/

Chairman, in 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation developed (one of the most influential NGO's in the world) a couple of scenario's in this report.

And in this report the Rockefeller Foundation describes the scenario LOCKSTEP about the coming of a worldwide pandemic and the aftermath of it. In 2010 already actually.

According this scenario (and I have it here with me) the Chinese would start first with mandatory quarantine for all citizens (is a quote) and immediately and hermetically closing of all borders.

National leaders from over the world would intensify their power with laws, rules and limitations.

From mandatory masks to body temperature checks at entrances of train stations, airplanes, buildings (all mentioned in the report). But that's not all. According to scenario LOCKSTEP there is more to come.

Even after the pandemic was over (stated by the researchers) the authoritarian control and supervision on citizens didn't end. It even intensified!

This report from 2010 even alluded to climate lock downs. Which is exactly what is beginning to start in our time now.

I qoute: To protect ourself from growing global problems from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and growing poverty. The leaders of the world took power more firmly.

The report predicted very well how citizens would react to all measures. Unfortunate may I add.

Just like now in 2021 people cheer when vaccinated, pictures of jabbed arms on social media (all mentioned in the report) and begging for a Corona Passport, forsaw the writers of the scenario LOCKSTEP as I mentioned before.

And the more controlled world was accepted by the citizens, which was predicted in 2010.

Citizens voluntary gave up part of their sovereignty and privacy in return for more safety and stability.

Citizens were more tolerant and even eager to get more top down management and supervision.

National leaders had more freedom to create order in ways they self found suitable.

That this would lead to a digital passport also was predicted by the authors of the Rockefeller Foundation report.

In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation off course was unable to predict the current precise state of technology. But they already predicted that the increased supervision would lead to a Bio-metrical ID for all citizens. And this already is implemented in our paper passports. The digital vaccination passport is only a tail-piece to it.

Only after 13 years after the pandemic would the public pick up on that they are being cheated, getting tired of the control and the absurd power fantasies of the rulers.

And chairman, I hope that Rockefeller Foundation gets this wrong. All their predictions have come true. But I hope that they really get this wrong, that there will be a point that we wake up, realise that this is a collective psychosis, that it's insane to lock up the whole country and half of the world for one and a half year because of a flu variation.

That we walk arround with those wimpy not working masks. That we comply with senseless distance rules and saw our companies and social lives get destroyed.

That we stop perfectly good first line medication like Ivermectine only to allow experimental injections to quickly get the permitted vaccine status.

That we gossip about infections that are coming down while this also happened last year like it happens every year. Like there will be new infections in the fall as always.

And we pretend as if it's because of "Corona" while what we used to call the flu apparently completely has disappeared.

But the most important (and that are my final words, chairman) that we realise that on base of a hysteria about a Chinese flu an infrastructure is build. An infrastructure that can be used on any random moment on any random incident.

Lock downs, masks, distancing, travel bans, no hand shaking, ridiculous experimental injections. This Corona time was an obedience training.

The parlement and government have gloriously passed the training. Congratulations! Klaus Schwab will be proud of you.

The globalist plans will pass and the next step to mass surveillance and total control can be taken.

Chairman: Thank you.


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The world should see this report, this is scary stuff man

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It’s out there since a decade