Google AdSense users troubled by ‘payment account has been canceled’ error 

Google AdSense payment account has been canceled

Many content creators are worried about the Google AdSense ‘payment account has been canceled’ error. They received the email that informed them of the account cancellation but no reason was provided.

Why are Google AdSense users getting ‘payment account has been canceled’ error?

The recent update has caused panic among the users. But don’t worry, because it is a planned transition. Google recently separated YouTube AdSense and Google AdSense.

The shift means that YouTube will have a homepage displaying separate earnings for Google AdSense users. Therefore, Google has abolished the AdSense payment account for those who only earn through YouTube.

YouTube creators will receive their AdSense details on their exclusive YouTube AdSense account. YouTubers should continue using their AdSense account as their Google AdSense account has been shifted to YouTube AdSense. 

YouTube announced that it will bring a simplified AdSense experience for creators in February. 

According to the post, YouTube creators were to be informed that their Google AdSense account has been terminated. However, their ‘AdSense payments account for publishers’ was still attached to their AdSense account.

Social media reports of affected users

Many people were confused after getting the error. They took to social media to express their concerns. 

“Payments account was canceled. Does this mean I won’t be getting money anymore from Youtube? I did reach more than the threshold so I am super confused about why I received this email. PLEASE HELP,” one user posted. 

“@TeamYouTube I received an email stating that my Google AdSense payment account was canceled. The account number in the email does match mine. I did not cancel this account. I’ve logged into my account and don’t see anything abnormal,” another posted. 

One person posted: “Woke up to the ‘Your Adsense Account has been Canceled’…. talk about a rush! I canceled nothing! Turns out they moved over to YouTube permanently and things are fine. A little notice next time please and thanks! lol.”

Google’s acknowledgement

An AdSense community manager on the official forum has clarified this issue and said that it’s part of the new payment user interface:

Addtionally, a YouTube community manager informed creators that their channel monetization will remain active.

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