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Hogwarts Legacy players ask for pale skin color characters

Hogwarts Legacy players ask for pale or lighter skin color characters
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Many Hogwarts Legacy players are disappointed by the lack of pale or lighter skin color characters in the game.

Earlier, there was an issue with the game where it was not starting or loading on PS5 consoles.

The action role-playing video game offers an immersive experience, allowing players to interact with the magical world of Hogwarts.

Reports of Hogwarts Legacy players asking for pale skin color characters

Many players are dissatisfied and are criticizing the game developers. It is now practically impossible for them to create their characters with a pale complexion because even the lightest skin tone appears tanned.

This makes it hard for individuals with fair skin to play a character that looks like them, or for anybody to create a random pale-skinned character.

To complicate things worse, there have been reports of forum moderators censoring posts requesting lighter skin tones.

When, in reality, some players are simply attempting to provide feedback and are not promoting any political ideas.

A Redditor tried to explain the issue.

“I’m trying to make a pale skinned, dark haired, slytherin character but the lightest skin option I can find is still tanner than a lot of npcs. Does anyone know the correct skin tone/complexion setting to make my character as pale as possible?” they posted.

“I am much lighter than any of the available tones as well, but after seeing like 12 “we need lighter skin tones” posts in a row I had this thought that really put things into perspective and made me care substantially less,” a player posted.

Another said: “Any pc players know how to modify an existing character’s skin color? skin color is darker in the game world than the character creator.”

Potential workaround

We discovered a temporary fix that can resolve the problem. There appears to be a PC mod that allows the inclusion of paler skin tones.

But there is no solution for console gamers. Those directly impacted can only hope that the developers will come up with a permanent solution.

Unfortunately, Avalanche Software has yet to acknowledge the game’s lack of pale or lighter skin tones.

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