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Hogwarts Legacy players get stuck on map elements including walls, rocks, floor

Hogwarts Legacy ‘Take the Biscuit’ cage bug troubles players
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Several players of Hogwarts Legacy have reported encountering an issue where their character gets stuck on different map elements, such as walls, floor, rocks, and objects, which prevents them from moving.

Hogwarts Legacy has managed to attract a large player base and receive positive reviews from both critics and gamers in a relatively short amount of time.

To keep players engaged, Avalanche Software regularly updates the game, which includes fixing known bugs and adding new features. Despite these efforts, some players are dissatisfied due to an ongoing issue that persists.

Reports of Hogwarts Legacy players getting stuck on walls, rocks, floor, and objects

The problem has persisted since the game’s release and is yet to be resolved. It has been alleged that players are unable to open the game menu after getting stuck.

One player reported experiencing infinite falling, getting stuck in the map, and under the map just within five hours of gameplay. To fix the bug, the player had to reload old save files multiple times, but still couldn’t access the pause menu or fast-travel to any location.

A user posted: “Need help with this bug. I was just playing then my character got stuck in this position. Cant press any buttons, cant move, cant press escape, all I see is this. Tried resetting it multiple times. I’m soft locked and cant play the game.”

“I was just playing and then I got stuck under map does anyone know how to fix this?” another posted.

Another player encountered a similar issue while playing the mission “The Plight of the House Elf,” which led to a complete loss of control over the game elements. Some players have tried restarting, uninstalling, and reinstalling the game, but the issue persists.

Official acknowledgment and potential workarounds

The WB Games Support team on Twitter is investigating the issue, and players are encouraged to submit more reports of the issue.

However, some potential workarounds have been suggested, such as reloading old save files or using the Cheat Engine tool for PC users to move the character’s position over the terrain.

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