Horrifying Facts About Human Trafficking in the US

Every inhabitant of the US can become a victim of human trafficking. This horrible phenomenon is the most significant intervention in someone’s private life and a form of modern slavery. Someone’s body or labor is exploited. Some crimes want to get enormous sums of money for returning a person. The facts mentioned below can negatively shock you, but every reader should know about them. Moreover, informing of the situation is a way to prevent it.

Sex trafficking

According to the human trafficking statistics, many girls are trafficked for sexual purposes. They are raped or must have sex with unknown people to survive. Some of them are involved in prostitution against their will. There are from 15000 to 50000 victims of sexual crimes in the US every year. As victims of sex slavery in the US (usually college or university students) have to show their parts of the body on social networks and pornographic sites. The criminals earn money on subscriptions. For example, San Diego Adult Service Provider website was founded by police in 2016. 80% of trafficking in the world is sexual exploitation in different forms: raping, forcing into prostitution or pornography, etc. And victims of sex slavery in the US have troubles both with physical and mental health in the future. The rehabilitation of sexual crimes victims is a long and challenging process. And some victims can also die, usually if raping is combined with a cruel beating.

Labor trafficking

19% of trafficking in the world is connected with forced labor. According to the International Labour Organization, 11.4 million (55 percent) women and 9.5 million (45 percent) men were forced to labor. Here we mean working free and against of victim’s wishes and desires. The victims have to work against their will to remain alive. In most cases, they work in agriculture. And the process of work is often combined with physical violence. Usually, the victims are migrants to the US. Some victims hoped to be legally employed. Some were caught on the streets. You can read more about the horrible cases of slavery using human trafficking essay samples, which can help you study many themes in detail. You will be surprised after reading these writing samples. But the world must know the truth to prevent human trafficking cases in the future and help people survive.

Stealing people to get money from relatives

Many victims’ relatives often write claims to the police because the criminals demand significant sums for releasing their close person. They don’t know what happened with their relative, girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend. These people may be forced to work or have sex with an unknown person and the criminal. In most cases, the captured people are beaten.

How to prevent human trafficking

Here is the opinion that the best way to prevent human trafficking is education. Students should be well-informed on this crime and its consequences. The task of parents and teachers is to explain to their children that sitting in someone’s car or going somewhere with a stranger can cause danger. It is essential not to keep silent for those victims of sex slavery in the US. This topic should be in the media to prevent other people from risk to life, health, and freedom. And they certainly should write a police claim. Everyone can stop a dangerous criminal in case of informing the public. So you can take care of the safety of a close person and someone else.

The bottom line

To conclude should be admitted that the facts of sexual or labor slavery can horrify us. Especially the existence of organizations that spread porno and naked bodies of the victims. Many people are dying after the crimes connected with human trafficking. The statistics are sad. It is better to know the truth and to be aware. You have to know the rules of communication with strangers since childhood and live according to them. Knowledge and essential information are the best way of preventing the aforementioned dangerous crimes.

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