‘How to avoid a climate disaster’ by Bill Gates: release date, PDF version, where to buy

how to avoid a climate disaster bill gates book pdf

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need, a book authored by Bill Gates offers an engrossing explanation of how world global warming can be stopped and how to avoid a climate disaster by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions to zero. It interprets the deeper and analytical aspects of the climate change dilemma.

Gates has been doing exceptional work for improving the health and living conditions of the people in poor countries. He has been vocal about the climate and energy change policies that he believed might impede the effort against poverty and diseases.

“I came to focus on climate change in an indirect way—through the problem of energy poverty.”

In this book, he has explained the consequences of climate change as a huge threat to humanity that can impact the lives of people in developing countries. Raising the living standards of poor people is crucial because they are the most vulnerable to floods, heatwaves, and droughts.

“I wrote How to Avoid a Climate Disaster because I think we’re at a crucial moment. I’ve seen exciting progress in the more than 15 years that I’ve been learning about energy and climate change. The cost of renewable energy from the sun and wind has dropped dramatically. There’s more public support for taking big steps to avoid a climate disaster than ever before. And governments and companies around the world are setting ambitious goals for reducing emissions.” – Bill Gates

Gates’ book emphasizes the importance of improving the strength of both rich and poor countries to current and future climate change that cannot now be ignored. His book makes sure that the solution is to abolish global emissions of greenhouse gases.

“I knew that greenhouse gases were making the temperature rise, but I had assumed that there were cyclical variations or other fac­tors that would naturally prevent a true climate disaster. And it was hard to accept that as long as humans kept emitting any amount of greenhouse gases, temperatures would keep going up.”

Release Date

The book is set to release on February 16, 2021.

Where to buy

You can pre order or purchase the book (when released) from Amazon here or via Publisher here.

Readers already looking for PDF version

People on the internet are pretty much excited and can’t wait to read the book. Search trends show they have been looking for a PDF / eBook version of the book to read.

“Very interested in reading Bill Gates book, could be make it available to download for free?”

If the climate is so important to you, why is the book being physically printed and internationally distributed? Why is the book not a free PDF so people have access to the critical information?

“Any way to get a pdf or early release of your new Climate book? Just pre-ordered but Feb seems a long way a way for for such a pressing problem”

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