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A gaming setup for late-night gaming sessions with friends or just chilling after a long day at the office makes you enjoy smaller details in life. But building that setup is a very hectic task, as many components are required and a bit of testing & trying can bother some people at first.

You can go the easy way and just buy a gaming console like Xbox or a PlayStation, but then you won’t get that hardcore gamer feeling, you get on a keyboard-mouse setup.

We are here to help you build your setup without getting too tangled into hardware specs.

What items do you require for a full gaming setup?

A full gaming setup is subjective to everyone reading. For some, a gaming laptop with good headphones will be sufficient. For others, a custom-built gaming PC is the way to go.

We will give out recommendations for all types of users.

  • Gaming Machine: First of all, you need a gaming machine on which you will run your games. It can be a pre-built desktop, a gaming laptop, or a custom-built high-end desktop. It all depends on your preference and your budget. If you are new to gaming, you should opt for a gaming laptop or a pre-built desktop, as building one will be difficult.
  • Display Screen: Gaming Laptops have a good screen, but a dedicated gaming monitor will make a lot of difference in games. You can connect your monitor with your laptop, using it just as a desktop.
  • Peripherals: Being a good gamer means having precision and reliability in your skills and hardware. Investing in a good keyboard & mouse will help you immensely.
  • Desk & Chair: Having a good Desk and a Chair will prove wonders to your spine and muscles. Having the wrong posture while gaming for a long duration can result in severe medical issues later in life.

This was a basic yet fundamental checklist you should follow for your first gaming setup.



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