How to Create a Peaceful Kid’s Room

Decorating a child’s bedroom is a fun project, but it isn’t always an easy endeavor. Choosing colors, accessories, and furniture can be a challenge when their tastes and interests change so quickly.

A kid’s bedroom should be cozy, peaceful, and calm, and include child-friendly features. Timeless basics such as furniture, curtains, and paints, paired with smaller on-trend accessories that can be switched as they grow are all perfect touches.

How can you design a peaceful kid’s room that promotes sleep and is a relaxing space for them to read, play, and create? Here are a few home renovation tips and ideas to get you started.

Whimsical Walls

Placing artwork on the walls will make the bedroom feel inviting, and whimsical kid’s wall art is a perfect choice. Look for art in neutral tones that features one or more of their favorite interests. You can ask your child to help you choose a style that fits their personality.

For example, they may like a print with a llama, baby giraffe, cuddly bear, moon and stars, or a pastel rainbow.

Light-colored frames, like white, beige, or cream, will look subtle against the wall. Plus, you can complement your wall art with other matching accessories, such as cushions, hampers, and bedding.

A Cozy Corner

A cozy corner can be a dedicated area where your child can relax, read a book, play games, or draw. Place a fluffy faux fur floor rug in the corner of the room and get ready to style a space that’s made especially for some peaceful play.

Depending on your child’s age, you might like to include a teepee with snuggly cushions, a blanket, and fairy lights. Older children may prefer a small sofa or beanbag. Just make sure you include a bookshelf or book basket filled with imaginative stories, as having these available will nurture a love of reading.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings and textured fabric will help make any room feel more peaceful. Add cushions and a throw rug for a warm vibe, and consider installing lightly textured wallpaper on one wall. When purchasing furniture, look for pieces with curved edges.

If your child is ready for a big bed, consider a fabric bed frame in a neutral shade, such as grey or oatmeal. A fluffy blanket can serve as the finishing touch.

Calming Color Palettes

Bright, bold colors might look pretty, but they can also have an impact on your child’s mood. In a peaceful bedroom, avoid reds and oranges, as they can cause overstimulation. Black walls will make the room feel smaller and can make the inhabitant feel sad.

Conversely, white, green, lemon yellow, and pastels all work well in a child’s bedroom. Grey would be a good choice for furniture, but it should be complemented with pops of color. Too much grey can make a room feel washed out. Compare paint samples to determine which colors are most appealing to both you and your child.

Creating a Peaceful Kid’s Room

Are you ready to give your child’s room a peaceful makeover? Start by creating a dedicated space for them to relax, read, and play.

Place whimsical art on the walls, with soft colors and images that suit their interests. A gentle color palette can be beneficial for their mood, but be careful to avoid bright red, orange, and black.

Finally, finish the room with soft furnishings to create a calm, cozy space that they will be happy to sleep in.


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