How To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales Volume Using TikTok?

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E-Commerce in today’s world has phenomenal growth. Buying and selling products or services have become relatively more accessible compared to the olden days. Everything right from the selection to the purchase is happening within seconds by using the e-commerce social media platforms. When we say social media, TikTok is one of the go-to-platform for E-Commerce. Are you wondering how TikTok will help you to promote e-commerce products? How can you include TikTok in your e-commerce strategy? This article is all about the tactics of how you shall increase your E-Commerce sales volume using TikTok. If you leverage the TikTok platform, sure, it will reap better results because it has a user base. As an e-commerce brand, you shall try utilizing Trollishly and gain instant stardom.

Importance of Using TikTok for E-Commerce Sales

TikTok has been a massive platform full of younger audiences in recent years. As TikTok provides a vast opportunity for e-commerce brands, it is possible to find more potential customers on the platform.

It serves as the right place for building a community. In addition, the TikTok algorithm is so easy to understand, and it would be easy to boost brand awareness. As a recent update, TikTok offers shopping, and it is possible to have a storefront. Even the e-commerce brands shall tag the products on their TikTok videos too. The customers shall easily buy the product immediately after watching the feeds.

6 Worthwhile Reasons Why E-Commerce Brands Should Be on TikTok

● Double the sales volume
● Boost the SEO
● Higher rankings on TikTok
● Embrace hashtags and keywords
● Post some TikTok Ads
● Be on the trends

9 Tips to Double the TikTok E-Commerce Sales

1. Content Is King

As said earlier, content is always king in social media marketing. E-commerce brands shall utilize all the TikTok features and provide engaging and exciting content on the platform. No repetitive content will help the brand reach a higher position. The content should be specific to your niche. So curate and optimize the unique content to deliver your brand messages and values.

2. Authenticity Is The Key

When you post and the audience believes it is authentic, your brand may gain loyal and long-term customers. Similarly, you have to maintain trueness within all your posts. As a result, it will soon improve the sales volume.

Pro-tip: Tell your customers your brand story and describe how your products came into existence. Those interesting points will automatically connect more of your brand with the customers.

3. Leverage TikTok Ads

E-commerce sales without investing in ads are impossible. Therefore, TikTok ads shall be created with the help of the TikTok ads manager. Brand marketers then and there shall check with the TikTok analytics and improve their e-commerce strategies. These TikTok ads, once created, shall be used on multi-channels too. For instance, if you launch a new product from your brand on TikTok, it has to be shown on the feeds. TikTok ads, nevertheless, have more power to captivate the eyes of millions.

4. Add Call-to-Action

Doubling E-commerce sales don’t happen with a single change or implementation. It is a process where you must incorporate many ideas and strategies for better reach. One of the best strategies to improve your sales is to add call-to-action, i.e., linked buttons. In TikTok, there are pre-determined CTA’s are also available. So brand marketers shall utilize it to the fullest. Some of the standard CTA’s are

● Learn More
● Sign Up
● Book Now
● Get Started
● Try it free
● Buy Now

These CTA’s would induce the customers to click on them as it is colorfully present in the videos. Once the viewers click on it, they will be redirected to the e-commerce site. With a smooth buying process, the customers shall buy their desired products. Hook your audience with attractive CTAs.

5. Get the Power of Influencers

It would be great if you have supporting pillars on the TikTok platform. Yes! What you have thought is right! They are TikTok influencers. Based on your company niche, select the one that satisfies your criteria for promoting the e-commerce products. As influencers have more followers on their lists, it would be easy for the brands to reach wider audiences quickly. Based on your business size, you shall select the influencers given below,

● Nano influencers
● Micro-influencers
● Mide-tier influencers
● Macro- influencers
● Mega influencers

All these types of influencers have varied numbers of followers. In addition, to increase your popularity, you should buy tiktok followers and accelerate your growth on the platform. Nothing shall stop you from higher reach if you get paired with the right influencers.

6. Jump on Trends

E-commerce is one of the topmost sectors on TikTok, where so many new trends are emerging daily. So being a brand, you need to be a trendsetter so that every other user shall follow you. One of the most common trends on TikTok is music trends. For any viral videos, the trending music behind them would be the reason for their popularity. Moreover, trends may change daily. So it’s high time for young and budding e-commerce brands to align their company goals with the current marketing trends.

7. Host a Contest, Giveaway

Hosting is an excellent way to promote products or services. Brand marketers shall offer an incredible giveaway or prize and encourage people to participate. In this way, your products are known to new audiences easily. The following are the factors for hosting a good contest,

● You have to keep it in a simple way
● Encourage creativity and originality
● Give a valuable prize to the winners

The most common ideas include dancing, asking the audience to use your products, asking them to launch the product, etc. Once your e-commerce brand builds trust in people, many followers will be on your lists. Apart from contests and giveaways, even your brand shall offer discounts, offers, coupons, etc.,

8. Utilize TikTok to the Fullest

As you all know, e-commerce brands need lots and lots of promotions. Through making creative TikTok videos, it is easy to achieve your brand goals. Brands should ensure that their videos should be engaging and exciting. You shall make your digital team brainstorm their minds and create humor and compelling content. All the tactics would help you to build an outstanding online presence. Even you shall seek to leverage Trollishly and shall reap competitive advantages.

9. Track TikTok Analytics to Progress Your Brand

As an e-commerce brand, sure you would hold a business account on TikTok. It is quite a simple process to analyze your videos. You shall go on to the profile and check on the analytics tab. It is possible to see the dashboard, overview analytics, content analytics, and followers analytics. Brands shall obtain a clear-cut view of their progress on the platform. If any faults are present, these analytics results will help improve your e-commerce sales better.

Some of the Key Tiktok Content Ideas for E-Commerce Brands are

● Product demonstrations
● How-to-videos
● Product reviews
● About your brand
● Behind the scenes
● Fun and creative product videos

Key Takeaways

The success of TikTok comes with experimenting and adapting various techniques and marketing strategies. So do not hesitate to try out different contents. If one doesn’t work out, then try out with another one. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail because you will know your mistakes once you fail with strategies. Then you shall correct it with confidence.

Improving the e-commerce sales volume is quite challenging. Therefore, marketers need patience as every strategy is tested practically among the online audience. Once the strategy suits you, then save it on your lists. After that, you shall roll it out whenever it is needed.

Beyond this, e-commerce brands need a smoother landing page with a secure payment page. Undoubtedly, TikTok would help e-commerce brands to tap into new and fresh business markets. If your e-commerce store is not on TikTok, fasten up your TikTok account creation process. The TikTok platform will help your brand create a significant impact among millions of audiences. Are you e-commerce brands ready to leverage TikTok?

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