Threads users want home feed to show posts only from accounts they follow

Here's how you can hide Threads badge on your Instagram profile

According to reports, the Threads feed show posts from people they follow and other random posts. Many also say that it’s challenging to keep track of the posts from people in their inner circle.

Threads users not satisfied with feed order, ask platform to only show posts from people they follow

Users suggested that the developers should add a feature that allows them to see posts from people they follow in chronological order. They believe this change would streamline updates from friends and declutter their feed.

Some users are even questioning why they see posts from random people on their timeline. Others think that the current design is meant to give users a general sense of the platform and help them get started.

Users also think it would be helpful to have options to explore the overall feed and search for specific topics, not just accounts.

“I’ll consider a threads account if they improve their home feed 🤨 no way to make it only ppl you follow and chronological?” a user wrote.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to changing your Threads app settings to see more content from the people you follow:

1: Open the Threads app – If you don’t have Threads yet, you can get it through your Instagram app’s Settings. Just tap the three lines in the top right corner of your Instagram profile. Then click Threads to install it on your device.

2: Go to your Threads Profile – In the bottom left corner of the Threads app menu, tap the icon that looks like a little person. This will take you to your Profile.

3: Access Settings – Tap the two lines in the top corner of your Profile page.

4: Open Notifications – Look for the option called Notifications, which is indicated by a small bell icon.

5: Select Threads and Replies – Within the Notifications settings, find the option labeled Threads and replies.

6: Adjust your settings to “From people you follow” – By default, the settings may be set to “Everyone.” Toggle the settings to change it to “From people you follow.”

You can make this change for various types of notifications, such as First threads, Likes, Replies, Mentions, Reposts, and Quotes. Keep in mind that this won’t completely change your entire feed to only show posts from people you follow, but it will ensure that you see more content from the people you do follow.


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