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Instagram Down: Many Users Report App Is Crashing

Looks like Instagram app is experiencing some sort of outage. Yes, after being down for a couple of times recently, users are again reporting that the photo-focused social media app is crashing and down for them.

Users complain on Twitter and DownDetector, their Instagram app is crashing and they are unable to open it.

There is no official statement from the Instagram yet on what is the cause behind the crashing of the app, we will update this post as soon as we see any news.

Here are some reports of ‘Instagram Down’ we saw today:


The users on DownDetector report:

“Can get the glimpse of feed which lasts max for 2 seconds and then it pushes me out and gets crashed”

“My instagram app refuses to open. I have to use the website which is not nearly as good as the app.”

“App crashing all day. Uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted phone… can login via the internet. – Clayton, NC”

“android app crashing at launch. clear cache, uninstaled, reinstalled, no luck.. the website is working though.”

“Crashing all morning but i do get a glimpse of the posts?? So not everyone is crashing I guess”

“I have a Samsung Note 10 and each time i try and get on it crashes. I’ve cleared cache,data, uninstalled, reinstalled. It works just fine on my iPad though :/ – Kansas”

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