Instagram for business: top tips to increase your brand awareness

As time goes by, more and more businesses incorporate social media promotion in their strategy for growth, because it has proven to be effective and quick. In fact, it is a rare case to find a brand that wouldn’t have a profile on major social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The last one is now considered to be the most comfortable media for businesses, of various kinds. Surely, the competition is huge nowadays, and many brands use the services that allow them to buy Instagram followers for only 1$ because this seems a cheap and quick way to grow a social media profile. Well, partly this is true, although it’s a little bit more complicated. Buying followers, likes, or views for your content isn’t a complete solution, but it can become a part of a very successful case if you apply some additional effort. In this text, you will find the top effective tips that will help you to increase your brand awareness on Instagram.

What Is Brand Awareness

This term comes from marketing and describes the popularity of the brand, or in other words, the degree of consumer recognition of the product, mostly by its name. Other factors can increase brand awareness, like specific form, color, or package. On social media, and Instagram in particular, brand awareness includes the visual representation of the brand as well. The content that works for increasing the brand awareness has to form a certain image of the product, but it should be noted that due to huge competition in most industries, brands have to expose more information about themselves on social media to trigger the interest of their target audience, for example by describing brand values, or social work.

Why It Is Important

Increasing awareness is the first step toward an effective strategy that is targeted at attracting more customers. The more people recognize your brand by the name and a bunch of secondary factors, the faster it becomes iconic, and you become a trendsetter in your niche. For business, that is crucial if you want to build a long-lasting company and beat your competitors. If you have created an effective campaign, in the race of brands the customer will choose you because they are more comfortable with what they have more information about. Luckily, social media makes this task easier for you, as they offer many methods that help you to present your brand to potential customers.

Here are hacks and tips that can assist you in building a nice strategy for increasing brand awareness.

1.Create a recognizable visual

At the beginning of the article, we have already mentioned the high-quality visuals as one of the main factors that increase the BA. So, let’s explore it more closely. As we now know, to form a recognizable image you have to create a range of keys that will trigger the memory of your consumer:

  • Integrate the form of your object in your graphics
  • Create an iconic set of colors that represent your brand
  • Use a limited number of photo filters, assigning different filters for different product campaigns
  • Use a logo and other branding tools to decorate your profile

2. Collect as much user feedback as possible

That is required, so you have enough material for exposing and impressing your potential buyers with a successful customer experience. On Instagram, your best choice to do that is stories. They are easy to create and post, so the user feels comfortable sharing them as you ask them to do that. Your ultimate goal is to make your clients eager to upload stories. You can do that by providing exclusive offers for your buyers – a discount on their next order is probably the most popular motivation that brands use. Ask people to tag you and tell how they feel about the whole purchase process, especially if it happened on Instagram. Stories that you repost, can be later collected in your highlights, so new customers can always check the experience of your buyers. This practice helps to increase not only awareness but brand loyalty too.

3. Use influencer marketing concept

Influencer marketing is incredibly effective for increasing brand awareness because popular bloggers can provide an organic and constant flow of new followers on your account. People always want to know what clothes their favorite bloggers wear, where they order food, or where they book their flights, so basically, any industry can be promoted with this method. People want to follow the steps of their beloved influencer, so any brand that is mentioned by them automatically gets a lot of attention. And your main task here is to present your brand just as the blogger described it – by doing so you use the authority of the influencer in your favor, and turn it into a loyal customer base. Remember that the reputation is fragile, so you have to correspond to user expectations 100%.

Pro tip: explore top Instagram bloggers incognito before reaching them for an advertising contract. Watch closely how they promote other brands and how they communicate with their audience.

4. Engage with the audience

To be noticed, it is not enough to make up a pretty picture on social media. To make your brand memorable, you must improve your communication with potential customers. First of all, you should make it less formal, and turn your attention to the themes that are not about your product or service. People come to social media to communicate, and an aggressive sales strategy is the last thing they want to see.
The best idea would be to give your brand a human voice, and show that behind any business there are people, who make it work at all stages. Discuss recent trends and news from your industry, and show your interest in buyers’ preferences and ideas.

5. Run through top trends of the industry

It is vital to be seen participating in the most popular trends and events. Use your local community to attract people to your profile on social media. For that, you can take part in offline events, like local festivals, and present your vision, to make it more memorable. Of course, different merchandise and printed materials come to help when you need to visualize your brand value to your potential buyers.

Of course, you must be keen on the latest news and trends that take place on Instagram! Follow top bloggers and businesses to find out what is working well for the public, and use it in your strategy too.

Pro tip: another interesting way to increase the popularity of your Instagram profile is to create a photo zone in your offline store, or at the event, you take part in. Provide your buyers an opportunity to show off with great decorations, and you will get more motivated users online.


Brand awareness is vital for growth. This matter requires a lot of analytical work, as well as being creative and quick in your decisions. The recognition of the product increases the chance that buyers will choose your brand over others, and minding the level of competition in most industries, this is a significant factor to consider. Instagram is great for the purpose, because this platform is totally visual, and you can impress users with various types of content, driving them closer to purchase.


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