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Instagram mutual likes not showing or removed for some users

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Multiple Instagram users are facing issues with the mutual likes option not showing. Others said it has been removed or is missing on all posts for them.

The prevailing issue is linked with posts from accounts with a huge number of followers. Users say only the total number of likes is displayed and not the mutual likes.

Instagram community criticizes mutual likes feature not showing on posts

Instagram’s mutual likes feature shows users what their friends or favorite celebrities have liked. It helps people connect over shared interests on the social media platform.

Recently, the social media company has been experimenting with changes or “improvements”. However, most of them have been criticized by the community.

A lot of people expressed their anger and disappointment after their favorite feature went missing.

“For what purpose did you remove the function of seeing mutual likes? Doing this was totally unnecessary!,” tweeted one user.

One user tagged Instagram on Twitter and said the company should “stop ruining your [their] own app.’ They also wrote: “The updates are upsetting. Mutual likes are not showing, what’s the problem? What’s with unnecessary changes?”

Most people said the mutual likes feature was one of their favorites. They requested Instagram to bring it back so they can fully enjoy their time spent on the app.

Previously, Instagram users have complained over engagement issues and bugs.

Users try solutions to bring back feature

Some users tried to log out of their accounts or reinstall their Instagram app to revive the feature. They also toggled the ‘Hide Like and View Counts’ option but nothing worked.

While some people claim that the recent change happened after an app update, others said it could be a bug.

Android users can try to sideload an older APK file and check if they still face the problem. If they still can’t see the feature, then the change must be due to a server-side update, according to PiunikaWeb.

Instagram has not acknowledged or commented on the issue. This means, affected users will go through a period of uncertainty before they can get any clarification.


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