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iOS 14.3 release date: What to expect?

notifications on iOS 14 are not working properly

Apple has confirmed a new iOS 14.3 update. The software for the new iOS 14.3 is currently undergoing beta testing prior to its official release for iPhone. The new iOS 14.3 will mark another milestone launch for iOS 14. This means that the new software will bring new features, advanced security enhancements, and bug fixes for persisting issues being faced by users. The official release date for the iOS 14.3 has not been confirmed yet. The iPhone users who could not wait for the official release have tried the update via one of Apple’s beta programs available on the web.

What to expect from the iOS 14.3?

In this article, we will highlight the confirmed changes in the new update along with possible expectations for a release date. We will also go over significant bits and pieces regarding the iOS 14.3 beta, and much more.

The users who could not wait for the official release of iOS 14.3, they have resorted to the beta version. Apple has pushed the iOS 14.3 beta version to expert developers and those currently enrolled in the Beta Software Program. The developer account requires you to pay for registration and log in details, but the Beta Software program is available to anyone free of cost. The only requirement for signing up with a Beta Software program is to have a compatible device along with a functional Apple ID.  Most people have already installed the publicly available iOS 14.3 beta.

Before users jump on the bandwagon to download the iOS 14.3 beta on their phones it is important to note that pre-release software are highly likely to come with complimentary bugs and performance issues. These issues could also affect the core apps in your phone and hamper their performance. These bugs are also known to destroy a phone’s battery life, in addition to the overall processing and speed of your phone.

Possible release date for iOS 14.3

If the beta’s performance on your phone annoys you greatly, you still have the option of downgrading your device back to iOS 14.2.1 (in case you happen to own an iPhone 12) or the iOS 14.2. The downgrade route to older updates is unavailable.  Apple has not yet confirmed an official release date for the iOS 14.3 update but it is likely to arrive before the beginning of 2021. There is a good chance that the release will take place during the last two weeks of December.

Apple’s known plan is to enable the 5G feature in the dual SIM mode on the iPhone 12 series sometime later this year. Apple did not specify the software update by name but the release onboard iOS 14.3 is expected.

Apple has also vowed to launch its new Fitness+ service before the beginning of 2021, it is expected that it will arrive with the release of iOS 14.3 and the Watch OS 7.2. Stay tuned to find out more.


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